Recipe: Sausage & Veggie Hash

A few years ago I worked with a cookbook author of Hashcapades - I tried some hash at First Watch and really loved it. The other day I had some great veggies & potatoes from Green Bean Delivery (discount to your right!!!) just waiting to be made into something delicious - so I created my own hashcapade! 

This recipe is great because you really just need potatoes - other than that - whats in your fridge? Use it! Whether you have peppers, onions, mushrooms or broccoli - throw it in!

The folks from Trois Petite Cochons (3 Little Pigs) sent me a box of meat!!! (I mean seriously - that's like Christmas for a Food Hussy!). I got to go to their site and choose whatever I wanted! I chose Andouille Sausage, Chicken Sausage (with Spinach & Gruyere), Smoked Duck Breast, Duck Leg Confit, Saucisson Sec and Saucisson Sec Aux Herbes de Provence.

With that box of goodies - I thought that the sausage would make a good pairing - it's strong enough to grab you when mixed with potatoes and veggies.

So first up - I diced the potatoes and started frying them up in a cast iron skillet with a little vegetable oil. Okay - not a little - a decent amount - potatoes always stick so darned much.

I tossed in salt & pepper as well as some Colonel De's Rabbit Hash Dash seasoning.

The Rabbit Hash Dash mix has red bell pepper, onion, sea salt, black peppercorn and a vegetable base. Sounds like a perfect mix for the hash! 

After letting the potatoes fry up a bit, I added in broccoli and mushrooms. These take a little longer to cook than the tomatoes. The key to hash - and roasting veggies - is making sure that all the pieces are about the same size - this ensures even cooking and easy eating!

Be sure to check out the great deal from Green Bean Delivery being offered for a limited time - 15% off your first three orders with the code: FOODHUSSY.

 While they were cooking I grabbed my sausage - this is pre-cooked so I just needed to heat it up. This brand has a kick to it as well - just fyi.

I then added in the andouille and halved cherry tomatoes - they only need a few minutes for the sausage to heat up and the tomatoes to wilt a little and soften.

Sausage & Veggie Hash

* 4 Trois Petite Cochons Andouille Sausage links
* 5-8 Yukon Gold Potatoes (or whatever kind you have that you like)
* 1 head of broccoli
* mushrooms, diced
* cherry tomatoes, cut in half
* Colonel De's Rabbit Hash Dash
* vegetable oil
* salt & pepper

- Heat vegetable oil in skillet
- Add potatoes with salt & pepper to taste.
- Stir and fry half way - add in 2 tablespoons Colonel De's seasoning
- Add in broccoli & mushrooms
- Stir & fry for a few minutes more
- Add in tomatoes and sausage
- Heat thru & serve!

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