Restaurant Review: Pieology Custom Pizza - Beechmont

Some times - photos get lost in my phone and I forget about them. Ugh - then I find them and think oh man!!!! I went there like two months ago!!!! Such is the case with Pieology - it hasn't quite been two months but it's been a while! So here we go! 

There are two locations - Beechmont and Clifton - I went to the Beechmont location - which is in the outdoor Beechmont mall next to the Top This donut place. Larry was convinced he'd be making donuts after pizza - but I wasn't so sure. Turns out I was right - he was too full - we'll have to celebrate donuts another day.

The folks at Pieology invited me out to try their summer flavors - Chicken Chile Verde or Spicy Southwest.

* Chicken Chile Verde - original crust, olive oil, green enchilada sauce, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, diced mild green chiles, fresh cilantro, red onion, all-natural chicken and topped with sour cream
* Spicy Southwest - original crust, olive oil, red enchilada sauce, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, jalapenos, fresh cilantro, all-natural chicken and topped with sour cream

Pieology has salads and pizzas - you can choose from their pre-selected combinations or create your own. Some of the pre-selected combos are things like Rustic Veggie, Margherita and Buffalo Chicken.

Their toppings bar has pretty much any thing you could think of putting on a pizza. The staff was super friendly and Larry had a ball making his own pizza. He went for sausage, pepperoni, olives, green peppers and so much more - it was loaded!

They also add seasonings at the end and have a variety of sauce bases - in case you want white, red, oil or pesto!

It definitely looked delicious and super crispy - they have the big ol' pizza ovens they pop them into. It's sort of a Chipotle-style ordering system where you watch them make it and then have a seat and they bring you the finished pie.


I went for the Spicy Southwest and it was definitely zippy! I had to take about half the jalapenos off because it was too much but I love the pickled kind so much I definitely kept as many as I could! The chicken was also juicy and tender. It's not a combo I would put together on my own - but I liked it.

They gave us a cup of pesto to go with Larry's pizza so I had to try it - I liked it a lot! Full of basil and garlic and yum. The crust on these pizzas is super thin but even with a bunch of toppings - it holds up to the droop test.

They also gave us a dessert pizza to try - it's the regular pizza crust drizzled with cinnamon sugar, chocolate chips and frosting. I didn't like this as much as I'd hoped - it was very crispy with little "bread" - I wouldn't get this again.

I loved their take-home boxes - they're the perfect size for half a pizza - which was a unique way of creating the boxes. Larry killed his whole pie but I was only able to finish half so these boxes were perfection.

Why Should You Go? There are quite a few of these "fast-casual" pizza places around but I definitely like this one and would go back. The pies are less than $8 - so it's a good deal too - especially if you could share!

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