Food Hussy: Nerds, Cows and Comedians - Final Cut Steakhouse, Lawrenceburg, IN

There are quite a few things in this life that I really get excited about - here are three of them:

1. Big Bang Theory
2. Steak
3. Kathy Griffin

Put them all together and you've got a great night out at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana! It's only a short drive from Cincinnati and is an amazing time!!! After a little gambling with my favorite nerds, we ate some delicious cow at Final Cut and finally - we saw my sister from another mister - Miss Kathy G! 

Dinner started with fresh soft bread - a round loaf and a giant pretzel bread - both delicious and served with softened, salted butter. Oh how do you make butter better? Cover it in salt!

Then we got a couple of drinks - they have these fancy iPads for ordering drinks - which is helpful. The drinks were pretty strong. #whew

We started with salads - my friend Leah chose the Caesar salad ($8) and it looked Caesarrific! (What can I say to something I didn't try?!)

I got the Wedge ($8) which I am now confidently addicted to. I have FINALLY developed a mild adoration for bleu cheese - I can't have it TOO funky - but a mild bleu I can do. The bacon, the tomatoes, the homemade ranch all just add to the wonderment. It's so simple but delicious. Sometimes they have bleu dressing as well but I liked this having ranch dressing - helped ease me into the funk.

For an appetizer we tried the Final Cut's Signature Crab Cake served with citrus aioli, passion fruit honey mustard and roasted pineapple relish. This was soooo good - it was full of crab - no fillers and then the pineapple relish - oye light and fruity - not overpowering the crab whatsoever. Nearly my favorite thing of the night.

 We also got a couple of sides - we went decadent and over the top with one - Macaroni and Cheese ($8). It was really creamy and thick and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs

For the other side we chose Sauteed Mushrooms ($8) because they go so well with steak - rich and buttery is always a good combo!

I got the special which was a ribeye (of course) with compound butter and pickled red onions.

It was a perfect medium rare and the pickled onions were so good. They were served cold so it was a great crunchy combination with the steak. I was in heaven! But I was even nice enough to leave some for my hubby that couldn't come with.

And then it was time for Kathy G! The staff stayed aware of our dinner and the time so we didn't miss anything. They also held our leftovers for us while we went to show.

We had a great time at the show - it was kind of interesting in that the Lawrenceburg Event Center is pretty small - and just so you know - you can DEFINITELY walk there from Hollywood Casino. We took the bus over but walked back. Easy peasy.

When we got back to get our leftovers - they had also put some desserts in there for us since we didn't have time for it before the show. I chose the Carrot Cake which was amazing! Definitely 3 servings there!

Why Should You Go? Be sure to keep up on the Lawrenceburg Event Center calendar so you don't miss any great folks. And come with an empty stomach for sure!!!
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