Food Hussy Restaurant Review: Cazadores - Milford

I'm a big fan of Mexican food but Larry isn't - so when he says we can go for Mexican - it's usually because he's in the dog house - that said - every once in a while - he does it to be nice...and this was one of those days. At least I think it was!

We ventured down to Cazadores on Rte 28 in Milford - it's between Larry's work and home so it's very convenient. We've heard good things and he was in the mood - so we went for it!

We started out with the customary chips & salsa - pretty standard here. 

The patio is really nice - there's a fountain and it's a very comfortable atmosphere. The weather was beautiful on this lovely afternoon.

Larry went rogue on me and ordered shrimp cocktail - which is not something I would typically order in a Mexican restaurant - well - I was mistaken. This was AMAZING!!! It was more of a ceviche with this wonderful vinegary juice full of avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, shrimp and peppers. It was sooooooo good! He ate a few shrimp and declared himself done - I KILLED the rest of it!!! I am now drooling a little just thinking about it. Must. go. back.

So as we were waiting on our lunch - I introduced Larry to the wonders of Snapchat. How could he live without it? I know I can't! (follow me!)

Larry went for his standard taco salad - it's his thing - it drives me crazy - he never eats the shell! That's the best part!!!!

I asked the server to get me something delicious - whatever she wanted to bring me. She asked if I liked pork - which I do - and she brought me these carnitas tacos with mango and cilantro. So good - she knew what she was doing! They were super filling as well - I couldn't even finish all 3.

There were also some yummy refried beans - which is my favorite chip dip...

And this hot a$$ salsa - it was so much more than a regular salsa though - there were many more layers and it was a darker richer flavor. This was served with the tacos.

Why Should You Go? I liked it a lot and the patio is so nice. And when you go - take a risk and just ask your server to bring you their favorite dish - you just might stumble upon a new favorite!

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