Restaurant Review: Zip's Cafe - Mt Lookout

I moved here 12 years ago - I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in Mt Lookout. I didn't know a soul and I had 3 cats. The very first restaurant I ever went to (long before the Food Hussy came to life) was Zip's Cafe! I could walk there and it's reputation preceded itself. 

Zip's will always be quintessential Cincinnati to me - if someone visits - it's one of the places I think to take them. It's adorable, always packed and delicious. It's got its own kitsch to it as well with a train that travels around the perimeter taking you on your own mini-tour of Mt. Lookout.

I went with my good friend Adventure Mom who swears she'd never been to Zips - I find it hard to believe! How could she have not been there?! I thought it was like everybody's first restaurant visit ;-)

We both got the Zipburger with cheese because it's what you have to get - especially if you've never been! Nedra also got their famous onion rings - big huge and crispy and made with fresh onions! (I learned that from Frisch's - if the skin onion bites clean - it's a fresh onion - if it pulls out - frozen!)

And then I got cheese fries - they are probably my favorite cheese fries in the city. The cheese tastes like a homemade cheese sauce - it's much lighter than that awful orange goo you get so many times. This cheese is a much milder cheese and as it sits - it does sort of thicken up - which I love!!!! Then I take the last fries and scrape it off the plate!

Why Should You Go? If you are like AdventureMom and haven't been to Zip's Cafe - lets rectify this! It's small and has communal tables in the middle - so make some new friends. And don't miss the cheese fries!

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