Food Hussy Giveaway: Cheese Fest 2016!

I love being invited to food events and festivals in Cincinnati. They're fun - there is food - what more could a hussy want? The thing is - there are a lot of events - but this one - THIS ONE is one not to be missed!

Murray's is again presenting their Cheese Fest!!! I went last year with my friend Kelly and met up with Adventure Mom (& Dad) and we had so much fun! Mr. Adventure Mom said it was his favorite event that he'd been to. But why?

Well first - there's cheese. There are cheese samples - sweet, bitter, funky, melty, soft, hard and everything in between. Literally - you'll be stopped up for days. #TMI

There's even pate! There's literally every kind of cheese and lots of meats too. Then we thought we couldn't eat any more cheese - and we found olives!!

There was also a mac & cheese tasting and a grilled cheese tasting. This was awesome because chefs around the city come and make their best. (Did I mention you shouldn't eat for 24 hours before???)

And the best part is the VIP tickets - they sold out last year!! Why? In addition to the unlimited tastings - you get two drink tickets and you get access to a special tasting (wine, beer or bourbon) hosted by the folks at Murray's Cheese. I have to say this was EYE OPENING - we learned, we ate and we drank - boom!

And - I just had a great time - besides the special cheeses, the grilled cheese, the mac & cheese - there's also just a bunch of samples to try of all the cheese accoutrements (like meats, olives, beer, wine, etc).

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And along the way - I even bumped into a Food Hussy Fan - which is always fun! He picked me out - hey bud! Hope I see you again this year!

I want to thank Murray's for providing me a couple of tickets to attend this year's festival and they're giving me 4 tickets for you!!! I'm giving away two pair below - so be sure to enter!

But if you want the VIP - you'll have to get those - and let me tell you - it's worth it. I don't normally think VIP tickets are worth the price but these - definitely are! We had so much fun and it really helped to get in early because it gets PACKED!!!

Also - this year the event is at Smale Park - I'm interested to see how the change in time and venue does but they killed it last year so I'm guessing we'll have a repeat of that1

Join me - won't you?!

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