Food Hussy Review: Bibibop Asian Grill - Clifton

One of my favorite ethnic dishes is Bi Bim Bap - and my favorite place to get it is Sunny Deli - seems odd - but it's run by a Korean family and their is LEGIT! 

So I was excited to find out that a new "Chipotle- style" Bi Bim Bop restaurant was opening in Clifton and I was invited to their soft opening! My hubby and I got to try out dinner for free at BiBiBop Asian Grill.

My friend Audrey had told me it was one of her favorite places at OSU - so there were high expectations.

 As I said - "Chipotle-style" - so you walk down the line and tell them what you want. I stuck with a fairly traditional choice selection - but here's the run down of what you can choose from:

  • Starter: Bowl - Salad - Roll
  • Starter: Purple wild rice - Fluffy white rice
  • Base: Bean Sprouts - Sauteed Potato - Black Beans
  • Protein: Chicken - Spicy Chicken - Steak - Tofu
  • Sauces: Sriracha - Yum Yum - Teriyaki - Korean Red Paste
  • Toppings: Cucumber - Daikon - Scrambled Egg - Carrot - Romaine - Corn - Cheese
  • Extras: Edamame - Kimchi - Miso Soup

I chose: bowl - purple rice - potato - chicken - yum yum - Korean red - cucumber - carrot - egg - corn

Why Should You Go? Well - it was fine - but I didn't love it. The chicken was dry and I thought some of the toppings to choose from were weird and too "fake Chipotle". Audrey still says she loves it - which prompted me to say I need to take her to Sunny Deli.

I do appreciate the free bowl from Bibibop - while I didn't love it - it was great to be able to come in and try it. The staff was friendly and it's a great space.

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