Food Hussy Review: Chuy's Green Chile Festival

The folks at Chuy's invited me to come try their Green Chile Festival menu (for free - woohoo) - and while it's gone for 2016 - it's something to look forward to and some of the items make their way to the regular menu because they're so popular! 

Chuy's is a Tex Mex restaurant just down the street from Kenwood Mall. They've got Fajitas, Enchiladas, Burritos, Taco and all your other Mexican favorites but with a Texas Twist!

In addition - they have a Nacho Bar that is free during their Happy Hour Monday - Friday from 4-7pm. They've got chips, cheese, salsa and more - all ready for you to nosh on while you wait.

First up we got to try the Queso Fundido ($8.29) - this is one thing I'm REALLY HOPING makes the regular menu. It's a hot skillet layered with melted jack cheese, chorizo and roasted green chiles topped with pico de gallo and cilantro. They serve this with chips and fresh tortillas (more on that in a minute).

By far this was our FAVORITE of all the Green Chile menu items - this dip rivals any skillet queso I've ever had (yes - even Bakersfield)!

They also brought out this dipping sauce - it's a creamy jalapeno ranch - you have to ask for it - so make sure you do! It's really good.

They also take a page from traditional taquerias and have someone making fresh tortillas all through dinner and it's definitely worth that extra step!

They served them with the queso fundido and they were delicious - light and flaky and just far better than regular store-bought tortillas.

The rest of the Green Chile menu was tasty as well - our other favorite was the Burrito Loco ($11.29) which is a flour tortillas stuffed with Hatch Green Chile and Poblano peppers, jack cheese and charro beans. Then it's covered in Roasted Pork (yes on the outside!), Green Chile Poblano Sauce, roasted green chiles, cojita cheese and - my favorite part - marinated red onions.

This burrito is very full of flavor - especially the charro beans - because they're not all mush like refried and they have a good bite to them. Then you top it with Roasted Pork - woohoo! Also - all the Green Chile stuff is spicy! The marinated red onions are great too - crispy and zingy!

I also liked the Spinach & Chicken Enchiladas ($10.99) with oven roasted chicken, fresh spinach and jack cheese rolled inside homemade tortillas and topped with Green Chile cream sauce. This was good - but missing a little something - not spice cuz it was plenty hot - I think it either needed more cheese or just something with a different texture - maybe mushrooms?

Lastly we tried the Green Chile Street Tacos ($10.29) which were filled with steak carnitas, cojita cheese and all the extras. These were our least favorite - in a world where street tacos are literally on every street corner - tacos have to be amazing and these aren't.

What was amazing was our server Nicole - she was fun and casual and just awesome. The most fun part was she knew who I was and was a Food Hussy fan! She didn't realize it at first - but then realized she had seen me on Local 12 with my posse!

And the other amazing thing was the Tres Leches cake - it is literally my FAVORITE dessert in the city of Cincinnati. It's moist but not soggy and creamy and light and just plain perfection.

It's so perfect - I took a picture of it twice! And be sure to follow my Instagram stories for extra nuggets from my life!

Why Should You Go? Well - next year - be sure to catch the Green Chile fest if you like it spicy and I would go anytime for that cake. And here's hoping that Queso Fundido makes the regular menu!!

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