Favorite Products: The new IKEA Catalog!

I am very excited to announce that I am starting a year-long partnership with one of my favorite retailers: IKEA! It's so exciting for me because they have grown by leaps and bounds in the area of food - whether it be in the kitchen or in the market area! 

I can't wait to dig in - but I was able to start by throwing some fun blogger events in partnership with IKEA.

Our first event gathered over a dozen bloggers to see all sorts of new items from the new 2016 #IKEACatalog. It's always fun to bond with bloggers - some old friends and some new too!

We came in to beautiful table settings, food and drink tastings as well as a sneak peek of new products from the #IKEACatalog that just came out!

Something IKEA is known for is crayfish - IKEA is a Swedish company and they love crayfish - they have summertime parties with it! These little buggers are pretty interesting - they're a lot of work to eat and sort of taste like crab once you get to the meat. We even had some bloggers dig in and learn how to eat them!   

We got to see all the fun new things in the kids area - they have all these fun party supplies. The supplies are really cute - and as always with IKEA - affordable.
Along with party supplies - they had masks and headgear. Which means bloggers took stupid selfies. It's just the way of the world.

They also gave us a sneak peek at their 365 line of products which are all about simple design and clean lines. I was drooling. I don't even know what I would make with those little pans but they're so cute I need them (and they're under $5!).
The table settings were so cool - they had probably 10 table settings set out for us that displayed how different and customized your table can be with IKEA products. From the dishes to the silverware to the linens and everything in between - you can personalize the display to fit you, your home and your personality!

In addition to a little store tour in the cafeteria - they invited us back when they had all these new products on the floor in the Grand Re-opening of the Cooking and Eating area (it's the first area on the bottom floor).

I found more things I want and always so affordable. I've been dying for a roasting pan and it was $9.99!  I have some chicken wing drummettes that will be hitting that rack this week!

They also have revamped their displays in the area - updating them with new containers and creative real-life displays. It's all meant to be more user-friendly and built for you to see and understand how it would all fit in your home.

At all IKEA events - we get fed - and usually there's some salmon. They have great cold and hot smoked salmon that always surprises me - as well as their wall of candy - which has some super fun candy that you can throw in bags and buy by the pound!

We got gift bags at each visit (thanks so much) and one item in the boxes were these oat crisp cookies with chocolate filling. I got a huge box of them and realized there's no way I could eat them all - so I took them to work. Well...my work friends love me. These are so good!

 I also love the fake flowers at IKEA. They are so gorgeous and realistic. I have purchased fake flowers a number of times and it is super simple to tell the difference between IKEA and Dollar Store flowers. These are ornate and gorgeous. I also love their display -  so cute! I love that they set things up for us to take ideas right home and we can display them!

I can't wait to share more of these great IKEA products and recipes all year long. The one thing I found out too is that those peeps in yellow that you see - are super smart! Many of them are designers and know the products inside and out. If you're there and stuck with a question - don't hesitate to ask - even in the food area. They are smart cookies!

Thanks again to IKEA for being such great hosts to the Cincinnati blogging team and for joining me as a partner!

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