Food Hussy Top 10 Posts of 2016! Copycat Recipes + more!

Let's take a quick peek back at my top posts of 2016 - hopefully you'll get some ideas for 2017! 

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10. Food Hussy Recipe: Weight Watchers 2-point Breakfast - this is a great breakfast idea - cook them on sunday night and you have breakfast all week! 

9. Food Hussy Recipe: Jarlsberg Cheese Dip (+ what to do with leftover dip!) - Seeing Bob Herzog roll the wheel of cheese around is a great companion to this recipe. 

8. Food Hussy Tour: PigFarmers & Maid Rites! - how can you not love all those little piggies?! 

7. Restaurant Review + Giveaway: O'Charley's - If you haven't had the chicken fingers and chips at O'Charley's - you are missing out! My fav! 

6. Food Hussy Road Trip: Ohio State Fair Food Bucket List! - deep fried bacon wrapped oreos - boom! 

5. Restaurant Review: Frisch's New Primetime Burgers! #PrimetimeBurgers - Frisch's is remodeling and has new burgers (some with their famous tartar sauce - double yum!)

4. Food Hussy Recipe: Taco John's Potato Ole Seasoning - this is my college years in a post - I love this stuff!!!! 

3. Food Hussy Recipe: CopyCat Penn Station Philly Cheese Sub - OMG - so good - not surprising that this was popular - I love me some Penn Station - especially when I can make it at home anytime I want! 

2. Food Hussy Recipe: CopyCat Maid Rites! (The Iowa Specialty!) - another copycat recipe!?! So popular! And delicious! 

1. Product Review: Dia & Co - kind of a surprise here - but I'm sure women want to see what they're signing up for. I'm not a subscriber anymore but it was fun while I was. I should have gotten that black & white sweater!!! 

Thanks for a great 2016 - looks like I'm heading into 2017 as the #1 blogger in Cincinnati - THAT is a great way to start! Let's do this! 

And there will be a lot of new things coming to Food Hussy in 2017! I'll be doing more videos with chefs, more recipes from restaurants so you can make your fav items at home and more appearances on Local 12! 

If you're a restaurant owner in the Cincinnati area and would like to have me stop by and show me some of your cooking tips - I'd love to set this up. Just email me at

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