Food Hussy Review: Sidekix - East End

The big trend in restaurants right now is the "Fast Casual" thing - basically Chipotle-style. You order at the counter - choose from a few main menu items - add toppings - and you pay at the counter. There are burritos, pizzas, burgers, etc and now - there are the "Asian Grill" concepts. 

These Asian Grills are very Chipotle-like but just with different sauces and some different toppings. The largest chain is BiBiBop which recently came to Cincinnati (unfortunately - I didn't love). 

Recently I came across Sidekix Saucy Asian Grill which is a local version over in the Mt Lookout area off Columbia Parkway. It's in the strip mall near the Bruegger's Bagels and Green Dog.

Familiar menu concept here -
1. Pick a bowl or a wrap
2. Choose your base (lettuce, white rice, brown rice, asian noodles)
3. Pick a protein (chicken, steak, tofu)
4. Add toppings (too many too list but they have warm, chilled and crunchy)
5. Make it saucy (again too many - but things like Yum Yum, Teriyaki & more)

Look familiar? I went for a pretty tradition Bi Bim Bap style with white rice, steak, egg and bamboo but then added corn, broccoli and yum yum sauce.

Here's a snapshot of their sauces - they have so much selection! It's almost reminiscent of the Mongolian Grill with the wide variety of directions you can go with it!

I absolutely loved my choices and felt this was much better than BiBiBop. All of the ingredients were just better and I felt like there was more selection. I will definitely be back to Sidekix!

Why Should You Go? It's local and has a great selection of toppings and sauces - Love it!

Sidekix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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