Food Hussy: EZ Snack Boxes & Weekly Meal Plan

So I decided I'm going to try planning my weekly meals on Sundays. I've loosely done this before but money is tight so I need to make sure to stick to home-cooked meals instead of going out to eat or grabbing take out.

I also - have a plan for lunch/snacks that I have to share with you!

I found the idea last week on Clean Food Crush and loved it! You can use these packs for lunch itself or I used them as a breakfast/snack combo throughout the day. 

I customized it a little for myself and what I like and am making them again this week. I put together four of these for last week and will do that again this week. And someone asked me on Facebook if everything stayed crisp and fresh and YES the cucumbers were as crisp on Friday as they were Monday. Also - the hard boiled eggs didn't stink up anything else. :-) Here's what I'm putting together today:

* Grapes
* Grape Tomatoes
* Strawberries (might dip a few in chocolate) 
* Cucumber slices
* Celery sticks
* Jif-to-go peanut butter cups
* String cheese/Co-Jack cheese slices
* Hard Boiled Egg (1-2)

I love that you can swap out things too - rather have ranch instead of peanut butter? Go for it! Cheddar cheese? Yes! Green/Orange peppers? Sure! Apple slices? Done! You could also plus these up by adding deli meat and/or crackers. (Actually I might do that today!) 

I chose these items because they'd be good in the fridge for the week. Also - since I bought the Jif-to-go cups - it literally took me TEN MINUTES to put these together. I bought refills for the tomatoes, grapes, cucumber, cheese and strawberries this week. I have leftover celery and will boil the eggs today. 

Now for the meal plan! 
- Pork loin
- Mushrooms & Broccoli 
- Ikea Whole Grains: I'm obsessed with their new PS collection - and they also have some new seasoned whole grain mixes and I'm trying the porcini mushroom one tonight. This will turn into a blog post about the new PS collection - so keep your eyes out for that!   

- Crock pot beans & sausage - I saw this a while back and drooled. 
- Frisch's Cornbread - Frisch's has challenged me to create a recipe with their Famous Tartar Sauce! Gladly! When you think about tartar sauce - it's pretty much mayo and relish - so I decided to use it in a cornbread recipe. The mayo will take the place of the eggs/oil. So let's see how that turns out! That post will be up later this week. (Unless it's horrible - then you'll see a whole different recipe this week!) 

- I'm having a special video bonding session with my friends at Empanadas Aqui. I've been doing chef videos and am sharing them every few days on Facebook - so be sure to "like" my page and check them out. This week I'm sharing videos with Bite Restaurant in Milford - yum! 
- Take out shrimp for tomorrow

- Creamy garlic butter tuscan shrimp - I saw a Facebook video of this and knew I had to make it!  
- pasta 
- Take out chicken for tomorrow

- Stouffers Seasonings Wrap on Chicken - Stouffer's sent me samples of their new seasoning wraps for chicken and fish as well as sauce duos. I'm going to put these to the test this week. I'll share a pic of this on Instagram - so be sure to follow me there too!  
- salad
- biscuits

- Crab legs - We LOVE King Crab and it's always a good price at Kroger. So we'll steam crab and have a delightful dinner! It's super easy and only takes a few minutes once the water is boiling. Definitely worth a try. 
- Ikea veggie discs

- Izzy's - I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my purse and need to try some of Izzy's Lenten specials for an upcoming blog post. That post (+ giveaway) will be up next week! 

So wish me luck this week on the meal plan. Do you meal plan? What are you having for dinners this week? 

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