Food Hussy: Sunday Meal Plan #2

So last week's meal plan went really well! I stuck to it almost to a tee! And those snack boxes are really working for me. I did not go out to eat for lunch at all last week!!! That's damn near a miracle! 

From last week's meal plan - the Frisch's cornbread was a #fail - so I subbed out and made a pasta salad which turned out delicious! Other than that - the only variation from the plan was Friday we swapped out King Crab for LaRosa's because I was too beat to cook. 

For this week - I have a busy busy week - so there's only a few days I'll be cooking - but I have everything decided: 

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

Sunday - One of my favorite recipes is this copy cat version of the Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli. It is truly the only recipe that nails this soup to a tee and I've been making it for years. The best part is - it makes enough so I have leftovers for a few lunches! My tummy is growling just thinking about it! 

Monday - I'm headed up to Crooked Handle Brewing in Springboro to do some video for my friends at Historic BBQ and learn a bit about Smoked Meats and Beer! 

Tuesday - I've had this lemon dill sauce in my cupboard for a bit from IKEA and it seems like such an easy dinner - that I have to make it. I picked up some salmon so I'm ready to go with it! I'll probably have their delish veggie cakes as a side - I'm kind of obsessed with them. 

Wednesday - I'm hosting an event for my friends at Gold Star Chili. They're introducing a brand new vegetarian chili and I cannot wait to try it! 

Thursday - Stouffer's sent me all the flavors of their new Sauce Duos so I think we'll try the Teriyaki one with some chicken and broccoli. 

Friday - I'll be working! Hooray! There's a new brand that I'm doing some work with for my day job called ClearVia. It's a pretty cool product - it's a probiotic that you take after you've been drinking and it metabolizes the alcohol into vinegar so you don't feel like dookie the next morning! I don't really drink much but the folks in our office that do say this thing really works! So I'll be at the Cincinnati International Wine Festival sharing samples of this fun new product! 

So that's my weekly meal plan - I hope it goes off as well as last weeks! 

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