Restaurant Review: Ladles - Oakley, OH

I love meeting up with friends for lunch - and some of my hussies live/work on the other side of town - so the Oakley area tends to be a frequent meeting place for us. I'm happy that it's really opened up and has some new spots! 

Ladles is one of those spots - and I wasn't too sure how it was going to be. I mean - Silver Ladle, Jason's Deli, etc. - we have a lot of these type of places - do we need another? Ladles is based out of South Carolina and has 12 locations - but only 1 here in Ohio and this is it.

They have a very large sandwich menu - which can be a bit overwhelming - you can also get burgers and hot dogs. There is also a great selection of soups - which all sounded really great. We couldn't decide between buffalo chicken or greek lemon chicken or she crab or all the rest?!

And if that's not enough - they have a seasonal menu - oye vay! Choices! 

I was there with my girl Rachel - so it was Hussy Squared. She's the owner & chef at The Glendalia and I adore her. Our schedules rarely sync up - so it's a big deal when you can get the two of us in the same room.

Now back to the soup - we couldn't figure out what we wanted. Thankfully - they gave us little samples of whatever we wanted to try! Unfortunately this really didn't make it any easier - but we had to make decisions!

Rachel got the Turkey Bacon Griller - Turkey, bacon, swiss, mayo, and roma tomatoes on grilled rye - she got the half sandwich and bowl of soup. She chose the Buffalo Chicken. Both were great choices for sure. I might have drooled on her sandwich a bit. The soup was a little spicy for me - but if you like it spicy - it's a great option.

The only thing we were both a little disappointed in was the roll that came with it. It was a little unnecessary when ordering a sandwich and it was cold and a bit stale. With as good as the other items were we both hoped they would be fresh and warm.

I was stressing and couldn't decide so I got two half sandwiches. The first was the Farm Fresh from the Seasonal Menu. Let me tell you - and I'm channeling Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta right now so bear with me - but this sandwich BRINGS ME LIFE!

The Farm Fresh is a really unique combo with ham, salami, goat cheese, green apples, honey and red onion on grilled rye. This sandwich was fantastic! I really only like hot sandwiches so I love that I could get it hot. The ham, salami & onion on rye is all normal - but then goat cheese (yes please) - green apples (what??) and honey (Oh My!). It was such a unique and perfect combination. The crunch with the bite with the sweet with the sour with the toasty - fabulous!

I also got the She-Crab Soup and the Caprese Sub. 

First the soup - it was a really good creamy soup - and a cup was definitely enough. There were some tiny bits of crab but I would have loved more. I would probably try the Greek Lemon Chicken next time since cream soups have their way with me. 

For the sandwich - I should have gotten the full size of the Farm Fresh. The Caprese was less than exciting. The individual components were fine but there wasn't much flavor to it all. It was just very bland. :-( 

Why Should You Go? There are lots of great soup options and that Farm Fresh sandwich is worth the price of admission. I will say the person that let us sample the soup is the one that recommended it - so ask them for their reco and trust it! And for directional purposes - this is right across from the new gigantor Kroger behind Target/Crossroads.

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