Food Hussy Review: French Fry Heaven - Clifton

Recently I was invited to come to French Fry Heaven in Clifton to give it a try. It's a new chain that has one location here and one in Arizona and they serve every kind of loaded spuds you can think of.

This location is on Calhoun Street in Clifton in the new development area. It's a bright open restaurant with a dozen tables or so. You order at the counter and can watch while they put together your order.

Scott is the manager of the location and he was happy to share with us that everything at their location is made from scratch. I definitely could tell he takes a lot of pride in his store. They also have their own line of seasonings they use and fresh ingredients - like a big tub of bacon!

 They display the menu is a couple of different pretty mouth-watering ways - first there's a big picture menu where you can see what you're about to devour. There is quite a range and some were definitely drawing me in - like the Taco, The Ball Park and Bacon Cheeseburger - but I needed to know a bit more about what was in each of them.

They also have a menu that explains them in detail. So with the loaded spuds you can get the load on french fries, potato chips or a loaded baked potato - so there's quite a bit of variety there. You can also get them more simply with ingredients you choose. They also have chicken tenders and a variety of combos and drinks (shakes!).

Scott was there and was treating us to lunch. Once we finally decided, he started creating our choices and told us about all the things that make them special - and we were drooling all the while.  Here are a few of the options I didn't choose but that I definitely want to go back for:
  • THE BALL PARK: Fried Hot Dogs, Ketchup, Mustard, Dill Pickle Seasoning, Homemade Cheese Sauce
  • SUNRISE: Fried Egg, Bacon, Homemade Cheese Sauce
  • TACO: Beef, Sauteed Onions, Jalapenos, Cilantro, Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Homemade Cheese Sauce
I really had a hard time deciding - I mean hot dogs and fries and cheese - hell yes!

While I definitely had a hard time deciding - Scott kind of threw me over the edge with the Pulled Pork ($8.49). Scott explained that the pulled pork was done in house as was the cheese sauce. He kept bragging up the cheese sauce and I was sold. He also told me that he really liked to add some ranch dressing on top and I said - Definitely Yes!

This is a LOT of food - like seriously - a LOT of food. If you can agree on a dish then you could definitely split it between two people - but you can also try the smaller portion and get your own concoction!

The fries are great - very Penn Station style. The BBQ pulled pork was tender and juicy - very good - not dry and not chewy - I liked it a lot. The ranch - always good. The jalapenos were not pickled so they were too hot for me - but I tossed them over to my spice-loving Adventure Mom and she was happy to take them.

But the real star was the homemade cheese sauce. Scott wasn't kidding on this one. No matter what you get - get that on your spuds. Most of the time when you think of cheese sauce - you think that gloppy gold sludge that you get at a football game. This was not that at all - it was really cheesy and didn't taste like processed chemicals in any way, shape or form - this stuff was awesome!

My Adventure Mom friend got the Buffalo Chicken - she's always one for spicy and Scott said this was a good choice for her. She said the same thing I did - this was a lot of food but it was good stuff!

Why Should You Go? French Fry Heaven is definitely tasty - while it's an indulgence for sure - with lots of heavy toppings - it's very good. The selection is great and the toppings are fresh and homemade. We will definitely be back - I think the one thing I liked the most was the uniqueness - it's not just another burrito or pizza place- I'm always up for something unique.

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