Food Hussy Review: Taqueria Cruz - Covington, KY

I'm all about Taquerias - I feel like it's a personal mission to visit every one in the Cincinnati area...

And next up - was one with a menu item I've never tried before - guaraches - which I affectionately called a "long taco".

We came across Taqueria Cruz online and decided we had to give it a try. It's near the Anchor Grill and is sandwiched between an Ameristop and a laundromat - oh yeah - this is my kind of place! It is cash only - just fyi. There's a jip joint ATM at the Ameristop if you need it.

The menu has a decent amount of options - tacos, guaraches (long tacos), sopes, quesadillas, burritos, tortas and more. Hell you can even get a beer!

It's very small - there are a few tables in the first room and maybe 3-4 in the side room. They will come to your table and wait on you. Our server was super friendly - answered any questions we had and was really great. There were also many Hispanic people eating there - which gives you a sense of its authenticity and the fact that the food is going to be good.

Most folks got tacos - and you can choose from carne asada, carnitas, barbacoa, lengua (tongue), pollo, chorizo, al pastor and tripa (tripe). You'll need to pull out your Spanish for the menu - or ask our friendly server.

Everybody enjoyed their tacos - I don't think anybody was overwhelmed by them - but they were solid. And frankly they were probably a little better than Taqueria Gutierrez (in another part of Covington).

One of my coworkers saw online they had a lunch special - which was hanging right above our head - with two tacos and rice & beans for just $4! I mean - seriously - FOUR BUCKS! She got that and once we all saw (and smelled) the plate of rice and beans - and all immediately ordered them for ourselves. Yummy!

Then there's my guaraches - or long tacos. The tortillas were a little thicker and longer - you could almost roll these up. They had meat, cheese and lettuce. I got pastor and carnitas and they were really good. I would definitely get these guys again.

And I know - it's super American of me - but I like cheese and sour cream and luckily they were nice enough to bring me some.

Why Should You Go? If you want authentic - you have to go. It's also cheap and tasty!

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