Food Hussy Review: Kroger Prep+Pared Meal Kits

I'm a big fan of these meal-box delivery services - I've tried nearly every one of them. Sometimes I get the meals and then life happens and I don't get to use one before it expires (usually 2-4 days). Well Kroger has jumped in the game and has come out with five new Meal Kits and I got to try them all! 

The Prep+Pared meals are super easy to put together - most everything is even chopped already and they go from fridge to plate in about 15 minutes!

Prep+Pared meals are in the deli section of Kroger (exclusively available at select Kroger stores). They range between $14-$20 and serve 2 (maybe a 3rd portion for lunch leftovers).

There are five varieties:
  • Chicken Enchiladas Rojas
  • Creamy Chicken + Bacon Alfredo Fettuccine
  • Moroccan Inspired Spring Vegetables
  • Chimichurri Steak
  • Japanese Inspired Beef Rice Bowls

The first box I popped open was the Japanese Inspired Beef Rice Bowl. Each box has an "Enjoy by" date as well as full nutritional info. I love the convenience of these because if I'm running late or realize at 4pm I don't have anything set out for dinner - I can stop by - grab one thing and go! Plus - they're FAST!!!

The box is small but packed full of ingredients! I laid them all out so I would be able to get to everything.

TIP: Use the box for all your garbage! As you open the ingredient containers just pop them in your box and shut it and pitch it! 

Once everything is out - your handy info sheet will walk you through the recipe and tell you everything you need. 

TIP: Read through the recipe first! You may need to preheat the oven or get something out you don't use that often. 

This recipe was unique as it had a few components to put together - but they were all super easy. First up - I mixed vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and water until the sugar dissolved. Then I threw in the carrots & half the ginger and stirred it. Next you microwave for a couple of minutes and this whole process pickles the carrots! You do that first so they can pickle away while you're getting the rest of the dinner ready!

While the pickling was pickling - I prepped the beef and veggies. After browning the ground beef, I added vinegar, soy sauce and honey until the liquid thickened up a bit. Then I moved the beef to one side of the pan and put the garlic and ginger in the liquid. (Love that it's a one-pot kind of meal!) After that sautes a bit - I added in the bok choy and mushrooms and sauteed them as well.

I've never really had bok choy but it's a bit like celery in texture - so I was down with it! I snuck a bite and it had my stomach growling for more!

Now my meat and veggies are ready - my carrots are pickles - I'm almost ready for dinner! The rice they provide is pre-cooked so you just have to microwave it for a couple of minutes. Most of the time pre-cooked rice isn't great but this was really good!

Last step is to put the bowls together - rice - beef - veggies - carrots - done! You can also add scallions and sriracha to the dish - I went very light on the sriracha because my stomach just can't handle too much spice. #oldage

And there you have it - my very own Kroger Prep+Pared Japanese Rice Bowl. It was delicious!!! I'd love to see them come out with a Korean version like Bi Bim Bap. The carrots were lightly pickled and I'm not really a fan of ginger and this had a LOT - but I loved it! My favorite component was the beef for sure - it had a great sauce and rich flavor. I even thought about plopping a fried egg on top - but I resisted to stay true to the recipe for you guys.

I've tried a couple of the other meals with great success there as well. The bacon and chicken alfredo was delicious - some serious comfort food there and I love the bacon. The enchiladas were great as well with my favorite part being making the enchilada sauce - I've never done that!

Kroger's Prep+Pared meals are a great dinner option and I can't wait until they're in all the stores! They include all the ingredients with all the chopping and prep work done for you. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Prep+Pared. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I found one of these kits in a QFC in Stanwood Washington. We have been making Hello Fresh meals for over 2 years and are sold on the concept! However buying this dealt with many of the issues that have come up for us. (1) Less packaging to deal with which has always left me a little guilty (2) Some weeks we do not need/want 3 dinners. Being able to buy one evening meal at a time is great. And I have single friends who have wanted to try it but buying 6 meals/week is not a good option for most of them. The cost of Hello Fresh is not prohibitive but paying less is never a bad thing. I'm sure that is partially because of not paying tax and shipping. Having options such as Vegan and Gluten Free is great for some. Does not impact us personally but still a good option. And the 'no chop' 'easy chop' option was good. I hate to sound lazy but the chopping and prep, sometimes required with Hello Fresh, takes me more time than they say it will and leaves a messy kitchen to deal with afterwards too. And the 'easy chop' option on the meal I bought meant cutting up a lime! So yes, I would buy this again but this product is not an option at the QFC close to where I live in Ballard, Seattle, Washington. I hope it gets rolled out to more stores soon.

    1. I agree completely! It's a great option when you just want a quick meal in the fridge for when you need the help...i like the chimmichurri steak the best!

  2. Not impressed over priced compared to Hello Fresh and the meat loaf was a joke not enough meat for two had to add to the meal. Tried the vegan it had more food but again almost half more than the other meal plans

    1. Good to know - I saw some on sale this past week for 1/2 price - I found the ones I tried ok for two people

  3. These were on sale at my QFC "two for one" last week. So I got two meals for $17 total (would have hated to spend $34 for these!). One was meatloaf.. how TINY! barely enough beef for one skimpy hamburger patty. They included "homemade ketchup". Since you are mixing it with brown sugar and vinegar, who cares if it is "homemade"?? The red potatoes with this were fine. Also got a mexican beef meal with flour tortillas and an avocado. Avocado was perfect (not too ripe, just enough). Beef was pretty good. But no grated cheese, and we like Cilantro on our Mexican wraps. For $17 this was okay, not so great for $34.. for that price, we could have gone to Red Robin or gotten some fabulous Jet City Pizza. May not buy these again.

  4. All these meals are supposed to feed TWO. I got two meals and thought it would feed 3 of us (My hubs, son and myself)-- it was barely enough for my husband and me! Also, there was WAY TOO MUCH chopped onion to put in the meatloaf mix (beef amount was so skimpy). The new red potatoes were not really a time saver. I could have bought some potatoes in a bag, then steamed them in a pot and had the same thing.

  5. Tried the Salmon kit. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Could not even choke down one bite. I'm a really good cook and usually prepare my own meals from scratch. I honestly don't find following a recipe that difficult. This was easy and half off, so had to at least try it.

    EXTREMELY disappointing. I can't speak for any of the other meals, but this one was so bad I won't even try the others. I can only hope I save at least one person from getting that meal kit.