Back to School Shopping at Liberty Center!

This post is sponsored by Liberty Center. All opinions are my own.

Hard to believe but it's nearly time for Back to School! I loved shopping for Back to School - we didn't have much money - so being allowed to shop was a big treat. My favorite thing was school supplies (Trapper Keepers!) but I also loved clothes shopping too! 

Back then - my Dad would save up and I would get a few pair of jeans, some new tops and sweaters and new shoes. He sold shoes so it was very important that I had a brown tie shoe (wtf?). My Grandmother sewed so I had a lot of clothes that she made (can you tell?!). I'm guessing you can also tell when my Mom moved away because suddenly my naturally curly hair went bonkers!

Well thankfully - these kids have a little more stylish parents than I did! And lucky for you, Liberty Center is a great place to go shopping for Back to School! They've got great outdoor areas for the kids to get some energy out and lots of store options.

For the kids that have to wear uniforms - I saw a couple of places with big sections just for you. Old Navy had stuff as low as $3! That's amazing!

And in between stores - if the kids get a little groggy or grumpy - stop in at It'Sugar and get them a little sugar-jacked!

I mean - how can you go wrong when this is what you walk in to? Thank God my husband wasn't with me! We'd have had to have a wagon to take out his purchases! 

There are also a lot of super cute clothes - unfortunately this skirt did not come in size fluffy grown woman - because if it had - I would own it.

There are also a lot of sales on summer stuff because let's be honest - this is Ohio - it's going to be HOT for the first month or two of school! Might as well send them to school on the first day with something super cute THAT WAS ON SALE!

I also saw a lot of super cute backpacks too - so many to choose from! I think the backpacks when I was a kid were either blue or brown. Not so anymore!!!

I don't have any kids myself but I do have 2 nieces and a nephew. They don't have a lot of money - so I always try and get them a cute outfit for their first day of school and some of their school supplies. I found really cute stuff on clearance and put together some outfits for them. The girls are pretty close in age - so I got them matching zip sweatshirts - that will take them into fall as well.

Be sure to check out Liberty Center when you're back to school shopping this summer! They have plenty of parking and lots of variety in terms of stores and great places to stop for a bite.

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