Food Hussy Review: 20 Brix - Milford

A few weeks ago my husband didn't have to go into work until the evening and it was a beautiful day so he decided to treat me to lunch. His only stipulation was he wanted to eat outside - so we headed to Old Milford and took a look around. 

20 Brix was open and they have a great patio on the side of the restaurant that didn't look too busy at all. It was warm in the sun but the patio is pretty covered by umbrellas so we went for it. 

Larry decided to have his typical IPA and I got all LVP and had a glass of Sparkling Rosé. I got like a tiny glass - which I liked that they have the option of a 2 oz or 6 oz pour (i think that was the #s). I'm a lightweight so I just wanted a little fizzy fun. 

He chose the Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($15). It comes with "White BBQ sauce" and Ohio Bleu Cheese - both of which he doesn't like so those stayed off. But this chicken was really perfectly cooked. It was really juicy and well-seasoned.

I couldn't decide - there were a few things I was interested in - like their pizza - both of which had goat cheese - and their Crab Cake Sliders ($14). I decided to go the Crab Cake route because I haven't had one in a while and the server recommended them. They're served with onion straws and aioli and a side of fries. 

 I didn't love the crab cake (boo) - it was covered in this heavy crust - I love crab so I want to taste the crab - not crust. Larry's grilled chicken was much better - I literally should just always let him choose for me - he's much better at picking.

The fries though - were out of this world! And the ranch was even better!!! We both commented as to how good the fries were - so I recommend those as a side whenever you go.

Why Should You Go? I'd love to try their pizza - so I'll probably be back. The Grilled Chicken and fries is a great lunch choice though! And the patio is really nice!

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