Food Hussy Recipe: S'mores Melts for National S'mores Day!

This post is sponsored by Thomas' English Muffins but all opinions are my own.

August 10 is National S'mores Day! 

S'mores have been around since the 1920s and are a campfire treat! The first official recipe was published in a Girl Scout Handbook way back in 1927! 

Why is it called a S'more - because you always want SOME MORE! 

To celebrate - Thomas' English Muffins has come out with their very own S'mores English Muffins with little nuggets of chocolate and marshmallow. They're great on their own with a little butter or cream cheese or as the graham cracker substitute for your s'mores!

Today on Local 12 - I'm making S'mores Melts which are simple and decadent..and, because there is bacon, Bob will love it.

I hope you will too!

S'mores Melt

* Thomas' S'mores English Muffins
* Fried Thick Cut Bacon
* Chocolate or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
* Jumbo Marshmallows

- Break apart your english muffin with a fork (not a knife) and toast
- Spread the chocolate spread on the bottom muffin
- Layer two pieces of thick cut bacon (1 slice cut in 2 pieces) on the top half
- Toast your marshmallow (over the fire, with a torch - however you like)
- Use the two halves of your sandwich to pull off the marshmallow

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