Giveaway: Murray's Cheese Fest 2017

One year - my husband and I made New Year's Resolutions - he was giving up beer - I was giving up cheese. He lasted two days. I lasted 45 days - the WORST 45 DAYS OF MY LIFE! 

But have no fear - those days are behind me and I'm all about eating cheese again! Thank Goodness because Murray's is again presenting their Cheese Fest!!!

Well first - there's cheese. There are cheese samples - sweet, bitter, funky, melty, soft, hard and everything in between. My favorite sample every year is the Blueberry Goat Cheese. They also have a store where you can purchase cheese and this one sells out every year! So grab that before it's gone! 

There was also a mac & cheese tasting and a grilled cheese tasting. This is one of my favorite parts because chefs around the city come and make their best. (Did I mention you shouldn't eat for at least 24 hours before???)

They also have some special tastings you can pay extra for - they have bourbon, wine and beer along with cooking demos.

This year the event is again at Smale Park - it had a much different feel than the previous year. Last year got spoiled by rain - so watch the forecast! But no worries about them running out of cheese - that is not possible. It was much more spaced out as well - so not so claustrophobic. 

I've got two pair of tickets including a beverage tasting that I'm giving away - so be sure to enter below and on Facebook! I'm giving away one pair on each site!

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