Restaurant Review: Roadhouse BBQ - Pleasant Plain, OH

Hubby and I go on drives and we've passed this former deli many times near Pleasant Plain and recently saw it said "coming soon" so we kept an eye out and it's open!

These guys also have a food truck and now an actual restaurant! It's called Roadhouse BBQ and it's just getting started. When we went - there were only 2 tiny tables inside and then a few big picnic tables outside. I think they're planning on more - but it was just their 2nd weekend open.

Inside they have a little shop with jams, hats and knick knacks - cute country stuff. There's also an area for a bakery. The owners mom is the baker and she'll have more items more often as they get established. I hear the pies are great!

I love that their menu has so much variety! Instead of just sandwiches or ribs - there's tacos, pizzas, burgers, bowl, potatoes, etc. The main thing was I knew we'd be back because I couldn't decide what I wanted!

 There's also a great ice cream selection along with sundaes and brownies - yes please! That'll be a fun little drive after dinner some night too.

I went for pulled pork tacos ($7) and they were topped with pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream. I couldn't wait to dig into these and they looked and smelled great! You'll have to wait to see what I thought...

We HAD to try a couple of sides ($2 each) and - of course - I got macaroni and cheese of course and it was cheesy and creamy perfection! I was going to say "delicious" but Food Network Star hates that word because it doesn't describe anything - so I'm going to work on that. It's a very thick creamy cheese sauce (Velveeta?) but I loved that the pasta wasn't mushy and overcooked - that's a huge pet peeve.

Larry got red beans & rice and it was pretty good - the beans and onions were well seasoned and the rice was okay - a bit plain once you got down to the rice - I might like it mixed more - but the container was too small to stir.

Larry got a pulled pork sandwich ($7) and was nice enough to give me a bite and it was tasty. It was the same pork in my tacos but with sauce on it. I like that they didn't skimp on cheap buns. Good stuff.

How about my tacos? Loved 'them! Corn tortillas might make them a little better but I'm not surprised to find flour. They do have a little sweeter flavor then say the carnitas at Chipotle (if you're thinking of getting tacos or a bowl) - even without bbq sauce - they still have that sweet & smoky flavor.

Why Should You Go? I love small businesses! I chatted with the owner and she's great. If they're busy - you'll have to wait a few minutes for your food - there are only a couple people working - but it's worth it. We took ours home - but don't hesitate to grab a picnic table and enjoy!

Roadhouse BBQ
10059 State Route 132 Pleasant Plain, Ohio 45162
M-F -10:30-7:30
Saturday- 7:30-3 (bakery and ice cream only until October)
Sunday- Closed


  1. I just ordered the blue cheese hamburger from Roadhouse BBQ. Oh my goodness. It is awesome. Give yourself a treat an get one. You will not be dissapointed.

    1. I know - I love everything I've tried so far!!!

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