Service Review: Pet Sitting

When we headed out of town for our anniversary there was one crucial thing we couldn't forget - finding someone to take care of the pups! 

Cave Hill Log Cabin is actually pet-friendly - but part of the "away" in "getaway" was wanting to be away from everyone - including our babies. 

So we looked to - I recently published some dog treat recipes from them and they offered to give us a $100 credit to try them out! has a website or an app you can use and I found it very user-friendly. You can put in what you're looking for, your location and your dates and go from there.

After that you get a list of potential sitters along with their bios, costs, reviews and locations. I like that there is a lot of information about each person. It gave me ample info to feel comfortable reaching out to potential sitters.

You can see what size of dogs they're willing to work with and their calendar. I did find that the calendar may not be up-to-date for everyone. Folks showed availability but then when I reached out - they were busy.

Once you're into a potential sitter you can see more details on what they'll do, full reviews and photos of the pups they care for.

The selection process was easy - you reach out through the site/app and then text messages are sent back and forth. I would recommend selecting 2-3 potential sitters and start reaching out. Then you can see what you think and go from there.

We chose Claire and she spent the night with the pups while we were gone. Along the way, she might have taken some photos of them. #love



Those faces! I love them. Claire did a great job - she came to meet them on Wednesday, followed all instructions to a tee and sent me pics through so I could see how the kids were doing.

We were extremely happy with and will definitely use them (and Claire) again. I love having such an easy time finding someone that can come in our home for pet sitting. I want to keep them as comfortable as possible when I'm gone and - to me - that means keeping them at home. No matter what your pet sitting needs - be sure to check out


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