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Wood Watches by JORD

I'm attached to my cell phone pretty hardcore - but for some reason - I've been wanting a watch. I know I can just hit the button on my phone to see the time - but I like the style of a watch and when I'm annoyed at how late we are - I still tap my wrist where a watch used to be in the direction of my husband! 

Luckily the folks at JORD wood watches sent me their Zebrawood & Maple watch from their Fieldcrest series as a holiday gift! Woohoo for me! (Don't worry - you're getting something too!)

I was most definitely drawn to these watches and that's why I had to take advantage of this deal - I mean - I blog about food - not watches! But a couple of my friends have them and they're so smooth - almost SOFT - and when I saw this opportunity come up to get one for free and to pass along a great deal to you - I jumped on it. 

I picked out the Zebrawood because I like the stripey color of the wood and the contrast between the dark watch band and the light maple face - but if that's not your style - check their page out - they seriously have so many options!!! 

On the other end of the spectrum - my hubby likes the Dover series in Ebony & Copper - it's a totally different look - but still really cool. And let me say again - you would never know this was wood! It's so smooth! I also REALLY like the clasp - I can do open and close it with ease! Heck - that's half the reason I stopped wearing a watch because I could never get them on. One-handedness is not my skill or talent! 

So what do I have for you? Two things! First - you can enter to win a $100 Giveaway from JORD! It's good for a $100 credit on your purchase - my watch is only $139 - so that's a great deal! You can also get 25% off just by using code: foodhussy! And who wouldn't want to do that! 

Ladies Wood Watch

I love my JORD watch and hope you guys will check them out and keep them in mind this holiday season. I also have to say - it's a REALLY IMPRESSIVE gift - it comes on a pillow in a wood box and it's a very fancy presentation. So if you're sending a gift to someone - this looks fancy from the moment you open the box! Always good during the holidays!

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