DIY: Super Quick Glitter Ornaments

My friends and I sure do love craft day - we try to have it as often as possible - but at least once every other month. When we hit the holidays - we try and come up with something that fits the season. The thing is - we each play our parts: I usually come up with the idea, Rachel sources the supplies and Danielle - well Danielle makes us delicious food - and we love her for that!

Rachel came across a couple of easy holiday ornament crafts and we all thought it sounded like a fun one. Danielle is a newlywed and we knew we would probably need more time for talking than we would crafting! 

The supplies were easily sourced. Rachel found glass light bulb-shaped ornaments at Hobby Lobby on sale (not exactly what's pictured here - but as close as I could find online). Other than that - we needed a bottle of Pledge Floor Care (uh - okay?) and glitter!!! Rachel found a multi-pack of tiny little tubes of glitter at Hobby Lobby as well. These little tubes turned out to be PERFECT - you'll see why as you scroll down. 

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So you just pop the top off the ornament - and pour a little bit of the Pledge Floor Care inside. We had a little tiny measuring cup that was perfect - pour it in - swirl it around - then pour out the excess. You won't use much - but since we weren't exactly sure why we were using the Pledge Floor Care exactly - we didn't know if we could substitute with something one of us already had.

Still no clue about the magic of the floor care - but it worked so I say stick with it!

So here's why those little tubes of glitter were perfect! They had a little opening at the top that allowed you to pour the glitter right into the ornaments! I would say we poured 1/3-1/2 of the glitter per ornament.

If you got one that was a bit clumpy - we just took the pokey end of the ornament and loosened up the glitter. There's some line from Big Bang Theory about clumps in glitter that I'm remembering... ;-)

Then you just roll the ornament and get the glitter to coat the whole ornament. I found that I poured maybe 1/3 in, rolled it and then added a little more. Now you want to make sure you get that Pledge Floor Care over the whole ornament - that's what makes the glitter stick.

Now before we recap - I have to introduce you to the newest member of Craft Day - Utah! He is Danielle's newest family member that came with the wedding ring. He's adorable and a big ball of energy!!!

And here are some of the finished ornaments! I love how we all chose different colors and our different styles showed through. We also had some of the glass ball ornaments which were larger and required more glitter - so Danielle got creative and just used two different colors on some and they turned out great! It's a very forgiving craft! 

I have to say - these are Danielle's colors and they were so beautiful! Those rich jewel tones were very well suited to this craft! 

Luckily her tree was up and ready to have the ornaments hung with love and care! 

This was such a fun craft and good for all ages! I mean - who doesn't love glitter! Plus - it took less than 30 minutes for us to do LOADS of ornaments - so it's not a big time suck. 

What a fun craft to do with the kids before Christmas! Everybody in the group loved this craft - it was easy, affordable, quick and pretty. What more could you want?

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