Food Hussy Review: Martha & Marley Spoon Meal Delivery (Save $30!)

Recently the folks at Martha & Marley Spoon provided me two free meals to try out their meal delivery service. It's very similar to Plated, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc. You pick meals online and they show up at your door with a recipe sheet and are ready to go! 

I have found that each has their own style of food and recipes. Plated and Blue Apron are a little fancy. Hello Fresh is more "normal food". So what sets Martha & Marley Spoon apart?

Well the Martha is Martha Stewart - but I worried with that - would it be too fancy or, as my husband likes to say, FOO FOO?

They provided me some options - one was as simple as Steak and Potatoes - while the other I let be a bit of a grab bag. I couldn't quite decide - so I let them pick for me. So what are their menu choices this week:

- Steak & Mustard Pan Sauce with Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale
- Broiled Chicken & Tomatoes with Mashed Potatoes and Pesto
- Skillet Spaghetti & Meat Sauce with Cheesy Romaine Salad
- Cheesy Baked Pinto Beans with Cilantro Jalapeno Rice
- Carrot Hummus Flatbread Pizza with Arugula & Goat Cheese Salad
- Fried Fish Tacos with Tangy Slaw & Sweet Potato Fries
- Curried Tomato & Lentil Stew with Cilantro & Toasted Naan
- Braised Black Bean Stew with Cheesy Grits and Crispy Shallots
- Spiced Chicken & Vegetables with Olives and Caramelized Lemons
- Cherry Dijon Pork Medallions with Winter Spinach Salad

And I think THAT is what it truly comes down to - do you find dishes that sound good?

With these meal delivery services - I like to have a combination of things I like and things that are new to me. I don't want the same old dinners I would just make on my own. I want thing elevated - at least a touch.

Steak and smashed potatoes seems pretty normal - but this one had me making and then cooking a vinaigrette - which I hadn't done before! I topped my whole meal with it!

And smashed potatoes are never a bad thing...and easy to recreate at home - you boil small potatoes for 15 minutes until smooshable - put them on an oiled cookie sheet - smash them with the bottom of a glass - drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper - then bake for 15 minutes more. They get crispy!

And a mid-rare steak is never too bad either! It was just a sirloin - but it was still tasty. 

My "grab-bag" recipe was Sambal Turkey Meatballs with Cocnut Rice and Lettuce Leaves. Think of it as lettuce wraps with meatballs. I liked the idea of it because there were no eggs in the meatballs.

Both recipes went together quickly and were easy. It's always a good idea with any of these that you read the recipe through before you start. Everything you need (other than oil, salt, pepper) will be included - but it's good to have a grasp of what all you're in for!

For this recipe I had to add some ginger - so here's a tip for ginger - you'll need to peel it but the skin is very soft. So just take a spoon and scrape it off - that way you don't lose a lot of the ginger!

The thing I liked most about this recipe was the Coconut Rice - you actually poured a little can of coconut milk into the water you cooked the rice in. I wasn't sure if I would like that - I've used chicken broth before - but it added a really nice subtle flavor to the rice. I would definitely use that trick again! 

And this recipe had one big victory - my husband at the leftovers!!! That is something that NEVER happens! It's an act of congress for him to eat leftovers - so I was pretty shocked!

You can order your dinners for 2 or 3-4 people and choose 2, 3 or 4 meals per week. As with any service - delivery is free, you can skip a week if you need to, etc. There are different meals each week and you can look ahead as well.

So check out Martha & Marley Spoon to see if the recipes are up your alley and give it a shot. We enjoyed both the recipes we tried and would definitely order from them again! (How can you go wrong with Martha?!) All the links in this post provide you $30 off your first box from Martha & Marley Spoon. (They are affiliate links so it also helps me as well!)

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