Restaurant Review: Crazy Bowls & Wraps - Blue Ash

Crazy Bowls provided free meals in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

A couple of months ago our office moved to Blue Ash and we suddenly have about 50 restaurants right outside our doorstep! It's pretty amazing since before we had to drive to go anywhere! 

One place that caught my eye right off the bat was Crazy Bowls & Wraps. It's right near Kenwood & Cooper Road near the CVS and US Bank. It's got quite a large area inside to eat and there are a couple of tables outside. The bonus for me - they have online ordering as well! So I can order from my desk and walk downstairs to pick it up.

The menu is a bit like Chipotle - you build your own bowl or wrap - you add the protein - pick the sauce and they make it up for you. They don't do it right in front of you - but it's the same idea - in the realm of "quick service" as they call it now.

They're going for a very healthy, organic vibe - which is easily noticed in their drink selection. Lots of choices in the organic tea world. They also have a salsa and sauce bar next to the drink bar.

I've been a few times now since they are so close!

First I tried the Fajita Stir Fry Bowl - Grilled Chicken ($9.05) - comes with Red pepper, red onion, zucchini, tomato, lime, jalapeño-cilantro sauce, cheddar, avocado, beans, roasted jalapeño; served with a warm tortilla.

I liked this but the chicken is a little bland and all in all - it's a little dry. Definitely ask for extra sauce - they have a really great lime ranch that I love so I always ask for a couple of those in addition to their corn salsa.

I would love for them to have the option of steak or carnitas. The other options besides grilled chicken are crispy chicken (+ .50), grilled tofu or grilled salmon (+$2).

On another occasion I tried what is now basically my standard order - the Santa Fe Salad ($8.95 + $2 for salmon) which has mixed greens, corn salsa, tomato, avocado, cheddar, jalapeño-cilantro vinaigrette. I usually get the dressing on the side and ask for the ranch as well.

I felt bad about eating fish at work but nobody complained so I guess it's ok - at least I'm not cooking it! The salmon is a really nice addition - you don't really find fish as an offering for quick service often and this is so healthy! They cooked the salmon perfectly - it was actually not overcooked!

The corn salsa is my favorite add-on - they have it on the salsa bar but when I do the online order - I always ask for that as well.

You can get chips and salsa with your order as well - but I usually don't. The chips are a little hard and I just don't figure I need the extra calories - the salad is good on it's own.

Why Should You Go? Crazy Bowls is a great addition especially because pretty much every choice you make there is healthy. In addition to the bowls I've tried, they also have wraps (buffalo, caesar, thai & more), soups, sides and kids meals. Here's a link to the Blue Ash menu - they also have a location in Mason and are opening one on Beechmont soon.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook as well - I'll be doing a flash giveaway there as well for a couple of free lunches! And hey - you can message me and I'll meet you there!

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