Food Hussy Craft Day: DIY Ring Bowls

My girlfriends and I get together for Craft Day as often as we can and my friend Rachel has really found some great ideas as of late. This one was all her - she brought the supplies and taught us what to do - it was shockingly easy and fun! We made...

DIY Ring Bowls! They were super simple - only 1 item needed - which made it a bargain! We did fancy these up a bit - but it's optional. The only thing you need is Polymer Clay - that's it! The rest of the items you need can be found around the house!

The steps are super easy. 
1. Pick your colors and break off pieces of the clay and roll them out into long skinny strands (Photo 1 on left). 
2. Then you take a few different colors of strands and roll them together (Photo 2 from left). You'll want strands about the same length. 
3. Roll together into a really loooooong strand and twist braid it (Photo 3 from left). 
4. After you get the braid - roll it together into a ball (Photo 4 on right). 
5. Lastly you roll your ball into a flat circle (we just used a glass as none of us thought to bring a rolling pin).  

Here are more photos of the process - same thing - strands - put them together - roll them - make your ball! I really enjoy seeing the three of us - with very different personalities - and what we each put together. Rachel is an engineer and she's super friendly but much more subdued than I am. I think that comes through - she chose more muted tones. (The one above is hers.) Whereas me - I'm all about color explosions and I'm a huge dork - so - shocker - this rainbow explosion is mine. Danielle is sort of the in-between - she's more subdued than me - but still a dork. (I think she would be fine with that assessment.)

We each also had different ideas for how to mold them - they all worked - depending on what you want your bowl to look like. 
  • Danielle (top left) scrunched her bowl into a glass measuring cup - there were lots of folds and bends as you can see. 
  • I went for the upside down tactic (bottom front) and molded the clay to the bottom of a bowl. (I would recommend spraying this with a non-stick spray first.) 
  • Rachel did what the instructions said to do (haha - see - not a spaz). She found a bowl the size she wanted and rested the clay in the top. You can see that it doesn't slide down in - but the clay does pull it down slightly and make the bowl shape. 

After you choose your shaping method - you bake them at 350 for 20 minutes. Then you're done! 

At this point - you could paint the edges with gold or silver paint - it adds a touch of class to them - we liked the look a lot.

And here are our finished bowls! Danielle added initials to her and gave them to her junior bridesmaids. Rachel's are uniform size and shape and the most like the inspiration pieces we saw online. Mine are all over the place and every color combo you can think of. (shocker)

I will say that I think the resting the clay in the top of the bowl method worked the best. I was able to trim it nicely (for the red/black/white/tan one) and paint the edges easily. The wacky ones were fun but not as finished. Also - the one on the far right that was on the bottom of the bowl - it cracked in the oven - thus the tip of using non-stick cooking spray so it comes off easier.

Again - I love our personalities shining through in the bowls! It really is funny how much they say about us all.

Here's a close up of Rachel's dishes with all of our wedding rings - collective AWWWWWWW.

DIY Ring Dishes

- Polymer Clay
- Rolling pin or drinking glass
- Small oven-proof bowls
- Gold or silver paint (optional) 

1. Pick 3-4 colors and break off pieces of the clay and roll them out into long skinny strands 
2. Take the strands and roll them together. You'll want strands about the same length. 
3. Roll together into a really loooooong strand, fold in half and twist braid it. 
4. After it's twisted, roll the braid together into a ball. 
5. Roll your ball into a flat circle.
6. Rest your circle in the top of your oven-proof bowl and trim off the edges. 
7. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes to harden.    

Project Tips: 
  • It doesn't take a lot of clay to do 1-2 bowls - we had a big pack and just kept making bowls with all the combos we could come up with! 
  • If you choose to do the bottom of the bowl mold, spray glass with a very light coat of nonstick cooking spray first to prevent sticking/cracking. 
  • Go heavy on the gold/silver paint if you go that route - we had to paint a couple of coats to get it to show up. 
  • You can also paint the entire bowl with an acrylic sealant if you like. It will make them a little stronger for the long haul. 

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