Restaurant Review: Chez Renee - Milford, OH

I love Downtown Milford - it's all small local businesses with not a chain in sight so when I saw a new restaurant pop up - I had to check it out. 

Chez Renee is a casual French bistro on the north end of downtown Milford. They provide family French cooking and that they cook from scratch. 

Now most places have specials but with Chez Renee - you really need to check them out! They have a lot of specials and non-menu items - which I like. It really speaks to that they cook with local ingredients and do things their own way. The menu is there - but there's a lot added items to choose from based on what the chef (assumedly Renee) is wanting to make.

They have a LOT of choices - I mean there are 11 side dishes to choose from! Plus a lot of their entrees you can choose your sauce as well.

There was one item I spotted on the menu that was going to be in my belly. Goat cheese toast ($6) - I mean $6 for all that?! Woohoo! I'll just go back and have that for lunch! It's 4 slices of baguettes with goat cheese, thyme and honey - then baked.

I have a well-documented love of goat cheese and this filled that need. Larry tried it and he even liked it. I let him have one piece...that was as much as a non-goat-cheese-obsessed person should get with this appetizer. THE REST WAS ALL MINE!

I ordered one of their specials, Beef Bourguignon. It's a classic French stew made with Burgundy wine that any quick google search will bring up Julia Child on page 1. It's a thick and dark stew. The beef was tender and there was a rich, cooked-for-hours flavor. I liked it but didn't love it. I don't hold this against Chez Renee - I think it's probably just something I don't love.

I ordered the Potatoes Au Grat for a side dish and they were wonderful - second to the goat cheese toast still - but really good. Cheesy goodness - can't really go wrong there.

Larry got the Salmon Skewer ($14) which is normally served on a bed of rice with your choice of sauce (dillweed, curry, mushroom, mustard, bacon cream). Larry asked for fries as a side and they swapped it out for the rice - he didn't realize that - he thought he was getting both. The salmon was well-cooked but pretty skimpy. He's always paranoid about eggs so he asked for no sauce.

Back to my bourguignon As you can see - they love the parsley there at Chez Renee. ;-) The meat was not fatty at all and the vegetables were not overcooked.

But back to that goat cheese toast - you wanna bite - don't you? 

I didn't finish my meal but I still had a dessert pocket with room left and I finally decided on the Macarons Special ($7). It was chocolate ganache sandwiched between two macarons. I was thinking macarons as in the tiny little cookie - this was huge! It was bigger than the palm of my hand!

While it looked decadent - I didn't love it. The macarons were fairly dry and the ganache was very dense. I took a couple bites and that was it. I think I took it home but I didn't even eat it.

Why Should You Go? 

I think the Goat Cheese Toast is definitely worth the visit. I'd go back for lunch and maybe try the quiche as well. We liked Chez Renee but didn't love it. If you like French food or you want to try real French food - then I'd say it's worth a try.

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