Review: Taqos from City Barbecue - Blue Ash, OH

Lunch was provided by City Barbecue. All opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago the kind folks at City Barbecue hosted my work for a lunch of their all Spring/Summer specialty TaQos! And then, they also gave us a few more treats!!! 

They smoke a brisket for 18 hours, sauce it, shred it and smoke it AGAIN for a taco unlike anything you've ever had. These Double-Smoked Brisket Taqos are served on grilled flour tortillas, topped with housemade smoked corn, tomato and chimichurri salsa (I knew I loved it for a reason - I'm obsessed with chimichurri!) and come with a jalapeno and house-pickled red onions on the side.

The brisket is smoked daily and it takes 20 hours - so once it's gone - it's gone for the day. The taQos are 3 for $9. So - is it worth it?

Short answer: YES.

The double-smoke makes it so you can really get that smokey flavor but it's not overwhelming like when I burn stuff at home. ;-) These taqos are also BIG! The meat is falling out so you pretty much have a fourth taco just in the leftovers!!! The sauce isn't heavy either - so you can add more of whatever your favorite is from the table offerings.

The only room for improvement is in the pickled onions - the day we had them - they weren't pickled enough and tasted barely different from raw. I've had really good pickled red onions before and these were lacking. But the corn salsa adds a ton of flavor so I didn't really miss it.

Then - after lunch - they brought out two of each of their desserts for our table of 7. HOLY SHIT!

First up was their chocolate cake ($3.49) - it is thick and HUGE. They told us how they came up with it and while they were trying recipes - they just weren't chocolatey enough. So they decided to replace the water in the recipe...with HERSHEY'S SYRUP. Um yeah - that'll do it. It was really good!

They also had a banana pudding ($2.79) - I hate bananas except in banana bread - so I didn't try this - but everybody at the table liked it. You can also order all their desserts by the pan - even that cake!

Last up was the Peach Cobbler ($4.99) - now we know - I'm a peach cobbler snob because my Mom's is the best ever (my #1 recipe). I will say - this was pretty good. A couple of our team killed pretty much the whole bowl. I had a couple of bites and did like it quite a bit. I mean - what's not to like - peaches, cake and sugar?!

We all enjoyed the TaQos but they might have gotten overshadowed a bit by these amazing desserts!! But hey - grab the taqos while you can - the desserts are there all the time! wooohoooooo!

And - I'll be giving away free coupons for City Barbecue TaQos on my Facebook page - so don't miss that! Be sure to LIKE the page!

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  1. I definitely will be going to get their tacos. Their brisket is so scrumptious and I must admit I crave this monthly!

    1. It is really good - the tacos are huge too! Bring someone else - share them and then GET THE CAKE! HAHAHA! I'll be doing a giveaway on Facebook starting tonight! don't miss it!