What Can I Make for Dinner Meal Plan #7

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

What Can I Make Tonight? Weekly Meal Plan - Every day around 4pm - I say "What can I make tonight?" Well - now - I'm giving myself a head start! Every Sunday, I'll share with you a quick and easy recipe for everyday of the week. 

This week includes comfort food and quick meals! The juiciest fried chicken, a meal made into a hearty soup and even a Vegan dish! What the hell? But it's soooo good - I had to share it! 

Of course - I used Shipt today for my groceries! Rhonda is my favorite driver - she always texts me if there's any substitutions and before she gets here so I can let the dogs out. (Doorbells are the Devil!)  You can sign up for Shipt here!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! I haven't been to the grocery store since April 2017! Woohoo! 

Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you make something from my meal plan! Tag me @foodhussy!


This is such a simple and quick meal - biscuits and bbq - sounds good to me! 

Here's a dessert that the kids can help with and takes just a few minutes to make! Grab some crackers and ice cream and have fun! 


I wanted to make cabbage rolls - then I found this recipe. This is cabbage rolls but easier and better! Done! 


You want pulled pork on a week night??? Instant Pot! 

Here's a great fall recipe that only takes a few minutes to whip up - make the batter while the pork is in the IP! Then bake while you're eating!


Now - I know you're saying to yourself - Food Hussy is sharing a VEGAN recipe? That just goes to show you how EASY it is and how DELICIOUS! You can have this one the table in 15 minutes!


I took a class on how to make Fried Chicken and boy was it tasty!!! 
Now you can make it too!


In Cincinnati, we LOVE Penn Station! We love it so much - I had to figure out how to make it myself - and it's soooooooo good! 


I love meatloaf and you can lighten it up by using Ground Turkey! 

I love making smash potatoes - and what a perfect compliment to meatloaf! 

Enjoy your week!!!

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