What to get at Dope! Noodle and Dumpling Co.

Working on the side of downtown that I do is also nice because we're close to Court Street and there are so many restaurants there! So we headed there to try some ramen at Dope! Noodle and Dumpling Co. 
Dope! is in the former Lalo spot - who has now moved a couple of blocks away. The fun thing about Dope is all the fun names of dishes - 2 Pac Shrimpkur, Mariah Curry, Lil Kim Chi Ramen and The Notorious V.E.G. are a few you'll find on the menu.

Hella Spicy Miso Ramen ($12) - Ramen in a pork based miso broth with Japanese style BBQ pork. Served with bok choy, mushroom, a soft-boiled egg, kale and green onions.

I went with this one but just asked for them to make it not-so-hella spicy. I love ramen and this was really good. I like all the extras that are in it and it tastes so much better than the chicken packet kind. ;-) My coworker is a bit of a ramen fiend and she said this is one of of the best in town.

Baby Got Beef ($12) - Braised beef brisket in 12 spices. Served over rice noodles with daikon radish, bok choy and mushroom. The broth is the real star at a ramen shop - be sure you try it by the ladle-full - it's layered with so many flavors - that's what makes it all come together.

We also wanted to try the dumplings - you can get them steamed or sauteed - we chose sauteed. They have pork, chicken, shrimp and veggie. Here you see the Pork Diddy & 2 Pac Shrimpkur (3 piece $4.25) - we all liked the pork FAR better. The shrimp was bland and sort of fell apart. Some of these were sauteed on one side and then looked more steamed on the other. I think they just didn't pay attention when they were sauteeing.

What to get at Dope! Noodle? I liked it a lot and we went back again after this - the BBQ Pork in mine was tender and plentiful. I tend to eat all the noodles and then tap out - but don't forget to savor that broth - it's so good. And definitely get the pork dumplings sauteed!

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