What to Get At Uncle Mo's Cafe

Working downtown - we tend to get in a rut with lunches - especially on days when we're crunched for time. And now with the weather - we tend to pack or order in more. The thing is - sometimes we really get a hankering for something! One thing I often get a craving for is a gyro!!! 

The thing is - my favorite gyro place isn't downtown anymore (Greek to Me) - so I wasn't really sure where to go. But then we came across Uncle Mo's Cafe - it's on the edge of downtown but only a few blocks from our office - so we finally remembered and decided to give their gyros and schwarma a try!

We started with the hummus - since it's the staple of any Greek/Lebanese restaurant. I really liked the hummus - it's was smooth with a bite. The girls thought it could use a little more bite - but I loved it and ate most of it! ;-)

Maria & Monica both went for the Chicken Schwarma ($5.25) - now it should be known - there's no fries at Uncle Mo's (one of the things I love the most at Greek to Me) - but the schwarma & gyros really are big enough you don't need them.

They both loved the schwarma - I had a bite and the chicken was a little dry to me - but what do I know - chicken is usually my last choice on a menu. It looked very tasty!

I - of course - got a gyro ($5.25). It was delicious! FULL of gyro meat shaved off the spit - I did ask for no onions - but got all the rest - plus extra tzatziki. I actually missed the onions - so I think next time I'll just ask for light onions. This gyro was great and just like I'm used to. I usually eat half the meat with my fingers and half with the pita - they're so huge (that's what she said).

What Should You Get at Mo's? Well they also have crepes and salads - but I would stick with the gyros and schwarma on your first visit. It's a small place and definitely a dive - there's a leaky air conditioner over the door, maybe 10 tables and a bit of a Soup Nazi vibe to ordering - but it's also got charm. You can tell that the regulars love Uncle Mo - they greet him with joy as they enter - and that says a lot. I will definitely be back!!

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