What Can I Make for Dinner? #12

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

You're going to find lots of great simple meals this week - it's my favorite when I'm super busy! Pork chops, lasagna (yes easy lasagna!) and my favorite blueberry muffins (not out of a box!!) Get your "pin" finger ready because you're going to be loading up your Pinterest feed with these tasty recipes! 

This weekend is super busy - well busy for me! I had my work Christmas party, a gift party with a friend yesterday and a meeting this morning - ugh! There's no way I have time to go to the grocery store! So I'll be using Shipt to get my groceries delivered! No wedging time in my schedule, figuring out directions, waiting in lines, hauling crap to my car - none of it! You can sign up for Shipt here!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! I haven't been to the grocery store since April 2017! Woohoo! 

Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you make something from my meal plan! Tag me @foodhussy!

(Meatless) Monday

Go Meatless this Monday and make a quick and tasty fried rice! 
I love this recipe - lots of pineapple! 

I love muddy buddies - the peanut butter and sweetness with the crunch of the cereal! This Christmas mix is fun and you can make a batch of it on Monday and enjoy it all week! 


I love alfredo and you'd never know how simple and easy it is to make at home! Then add some salmon for a healthy protein!


There is NOTHING better for a comfort food than this Cheeseburger Macaroni Soup! I love it so much - I make it every time the weather starts to get that chill! I just want to stay inside and burrow in a blanket with a big bowl of it! 

I love blueberry muffins! My Dad used to make these as a side to dinner all the time and it's one of my favorites! It's like dessert & a side all in one! 
These meatballs are delicious and then you pop some veggies in there and you've got a delicious spicy meal!!


Always use bone-in pork chops - they have so much more flavor! And this simple marinade will have you drooling for more! 


I love lasagna and everybody makes it out to be a super time-consuming meal to make - but not when I do it! This one is simple but delicious! Who needs fancy when there's cheese involved?! 

You can't have lasagna without garlic bread! Here's a fun twist on breadsticks (and it's easy!) 


I had never had shrimp & grits (a crime - right?!) until I took a cooking class. My life was changed!! They're so delicious!!! And much easier than I thought they would be! 

Enjoy your week!!!

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