What Can I Make For Dinner Weekly Meal Plan - Best of 2018!

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

It's the last Sunday of 2018! I've had a rough year personally but the blog has kicked butt -- because of you!!! So for the last meal plan of the year - I'm sharing your favorites from 2018! I checked through the numbers and these are some of your favorite posts this year!

As you all know - I'm not a fan of grocery shopping. I actually do like exploring the store a bit - I just hate crowds, people, lines, bagging groceries, etc. Now I do my grocery shopping online and get it delivered to my kitchen counter with Shipt. You can sign up for Shipt here!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! I haven't been to the grocery store since April 2017! Woohoo! 

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Monday - New Year's Eve

So if you're going out for NYE - carb it up with some delicious and quick pasta before you head out! This Instant Pot recipe was a big hit all year and you'll love it! It was the first recipe I made in my pressure cooker - it's that easy! 

But what if you're hosting a party for NYE? Then you need a super easy and tasty appetizer to make! These Philly Chicken Sliders will not disappoint! They're so cheesy and have all the goodness of a good Philly Chicken Sub! Yum - and that buttery salty goodness on top!

Tuesday - New Year's Day!

Here's the deal - we both know y'all are gonna be drinkin for NYE. The next day - you're gonna need comfort hangover food - and this is it! Goetta, potatoes, cheese and eggs - YES! Pin it now - you're gonna need it. ;-)


Treat yourself and grab a bite out Wednesday. You have to go back to work - don't make yourself cook too! And this was the most popular restaurant review from 2018! You can't go wrong with Just Q'in - BBQ at its best. OMG - the cornbread, the cobbler, the rib tips - GO!

OK - so this one isn't mine - but one of the best things for me in 2018 was the friendship I formed with Plain Chicken. She is such a great friend and a great mentor! This is also an easy no-bake recipe you can make when you get home from all that BBQ! ;-) 

This was another really popular recipe - probably because it's got 3 ingredients and goes together so quick! Whether it's a quick dinner or a party snack - these empanadas are a must-try! 


Another popular post from this year was the Happy Hour specials at Liberty Center! I love LC - there's such a great variety of drink & food specials (and shopping!!). One of my favorite stops is the Rusty Bucket - that Juicy Lucy burger is THE BEST!! (hint: you can order it anytime of day - if you ask nicely - it's just not on the menu)


I loved old school baked beans - they are so rich and dark - then you throw some ribs in there (the easy way - Curly's!!) and put it all in the oven. They fall apart and you get big chunks of ribs in all those delicious sweet bbq baked beans! Yum! 

Ok - not a recipe from this year - but after ribs & beans - you need Peach Cobbler! This is the #1 recipe on my site - so it's always good to share. (#2 is this one!


Hey - it's the new year - let's get something healthy in the mix!!! This soup is so good for you - every ingredient is packed with nutrition and flavor! You'll love it - especially on a cold January day.

Enjoy your week and the rest of 2018!!!

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