Foodie Find Friday: Baking Fun

It's Foodie Find Friday! Every Friday I share with you one of my favorite foodie products! It might be food, a kitchen tool or just something I think you should definitely own if you are a foodie! 
Friday Foodie Find: Casserole Helper - you will love Fancy Panz! They're make your potluck dish look beautiful but you can take out the disposable pan with ease and leave the leftovers for someone else! #kitchentool #cookingtip
Click to find out this week's find - this is a fun and affordable item you NEED for your kitchen! You are going to love it! My friend Steph uses hers at least once a week! 

It's a CORN-SHAPED Cornbread Pan! What a handy little pan! And it's just fun serving cornbread in the shape of corn! Plus - as an Iowa girl - I can't turn down anything corn related. 

My good friend Stephanie from Plain Chicken showed me this pan when I went to visit her. It may seem silly - but eating cornbread in the shape of corn - is fun!!!! We made this recipe of hers - and when I say - I mean SHE made it! Her recipe is super simple and tasty! But it definitely tastes better coming out of these pans! She squirts a little oil - heats them up - then puts the batter in - so they have that sizzle right off the bat! Yum! 

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