Foodie Find Friday: Copper Love

It's Foodie Find Friday! Every Friday I share with you one of my favorite foodie products! It might be food, a kitchen tool or just something I think you should definitely own if you are a foodie! 
Friday Foodie Find: Casserole Helper - you will love Fancy Panz! They're make your potluck dish look beautiful but you can take out the disposable pan with ease and leave the leftovers for someone else! #kitchentool #cookingtip
Click to find out this week's find - this is something I use nearly every day in my house! It's definitely a must-have in my kitchen! 

It's the Copper Chef cookware you've seen on TV! I've been sucked into many an infomercial and this was no different. Did you know a lot of infomercials are shot in Iowa? I guess we're gullible and excitable folks! ;-) So I actually have this deep dish skillet and a shallow fry pan like this. I got a set that doesn't appear to be available a couple of years back. So what do I like about it? 

It's not as forever non-stick as they make it seem - but I will say it cleans up really easily. Anytime something does stick - I just let it sit filled with soapy water overnight and it comes right out the next day. I think that's what I love most about my Copper Chef is the easy cleanup. I also like that it's oven-safe so I can go from stove to oven without changing pans. The deep pan is great for cooking pasta but also just for one-pan dishes that would overflow the regular skillet. 

And don't go for any other "copper" pans - get the real deal Copper Chef. I tried Red Copper and it was horrible! The coating came off and it wasn't at all non-stick! 

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