What Can I Make For Dinner? Healthy Eats!!!

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

I've been working on my weight this year and have lost over 35 pounds since April 2018! So I'm trying to find healthier recipes and I'm trying Intermittent Fasting - has anybody tried that? Besides super healthy recipes - I can also indulge a little on the days when I'm only eating one meal. It does make meal planning a little easier so let's get into it! 

Weekly Meal Plan full of healthy recipes including some weight watchers WW recipes!

Click in for these delicious recipes and be sure to tell me your favorites! 

I'm getting my grocery list together as I put together the meal plan! It's nice - I just have two windows open on my laptop - one for the meal plan and one for Shipt - and then I just pop in my groceries that I need! In a couple of hours - I'll get a text message that my groceries are on their way - woohoo! All the while - I'm getting work done instead of fighting lines in the store! You can sign up for Shipt here!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! I haven't been to the grocery store since April 2017! Woohoo! 

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This soup isn't just healthy calorie-wise - it's got so many healthy veggies in it that are good for you in many ways! And it's perfect for a cold wintery night! 

These donuts are 1 WW point and egg-free! They're light and sweet and delicious! Perfect little sweetness that you can also have for breakfast or other snacks during the week!  


One night a week I like to go out with my friends and thankfully there are so many healthy dining options in town! And guess what - even if you're not here in Cinci - you'll find something you probably have near you!


Stocking up at the grocery store on easy things I can pop in my lunch bag help me ensure that I'm eating a healthy lunch! With my intermittent fasting- I only eat between 1230pm-8pm. But it's even more helpful when I pack healthy lunches like these!

This Tater Tot Casserole is a recipe makeover going from 21 WW points to 4 WW points!! Swapping out ground beef for chicken and reducing the tots and cheese helped me out - but it still tastes delicious - you won't miss the extra calories one bite! 
Baked potatoes are one of my favorite meals and my friend Jill has a great recipe with avocado sauce to load up a baked potato. 


Another way to do really well with your weight loss endeavors is to eat super healthy food. Weight Watchers has a list of "zero point" foods - which means you can eat more of them! So I made a whole meal out of them - yum!!! 


I'm going to indulge a little with chips & queso so I'll make grilled chicken to go along with it! It's all about balance! 

I'm slightly obsessed with Carlos O'Kellys queso - for 15 years - every visit back to Iowa has included a visit to this restaurant just for this queso. No more!!! I have the recipe and it's perfect!! And no - it's not healthy - but when I've been good all week - I get to indulge a little as long as I stick to my "eating hours"! 


We know I love copycat recipes and this grilled lime shrimp is so tasty! It's light and refreshing - you'll love it! 

Weekly Meal Plan full of healthy recipes including some weight watchers WW recipes!