Foodie Find Friday: New Kitchen Gadget Magic!

It's Foodie Find Friday! Every Friday I share with you one of my favorite foodie products! It might be food, a kitchen tool or just something I think you should definitely own if you are a foodie! 
Friday Foodie Find: Casserole Helper - you will love Fancy Panz! They're make your potluck dish look beautiful but you can take out the disposable pan with ease and leave the leftovers for someone else! #kitchentool #cookingtip
Click to find out this week's find - this is the newest cooking tool to take the internet by storm and I'll tell you - since I got mine - I have used it EVERY DAY! 

I'm not kidding - I have used it every single day. I've made salmon, tilapia, steak, hamburger, appetizer snacks and more! My friends have made chimichangas, wings and even pizza in it! 

This air fryer is a nice one - and there are more affordable ones out there - but it came highly recommended to me by Plain Chicken. She said she's been using hers all the time and that I would love it - boy was she right. 

Now I will say - I'm cooking for one right now - but you can easily use this to cook for two. If you cook protein for more than two - you might need a bigger one. She just bought an XXL version that cooks more/larger items - but I also know there are ones with multiple racks. 

Why do I love it? It cooks so fast and perfectly!!! 

To use it - you power it on - set the temp and set the time - then you push the button and go! No preheating the oven - no separate pans - no grease - no oil - it was just that easy! Cleanup is a breeze too because of the non-stick surface. You're going to be seeing regular Air Fryer recipes from me - so I hope you'll check them out! 

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