What Can I Make for Dinner? Ham it Up!

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

Okay- we're just loading up on Ham recipes this week - and I'll even throw in something you could use leftover turkey in too - just in case you're a turkey household! :-)

Weekly Meal Plan - leftover ham and leftover turkey #leftoverham #leftoverturkey #mealplan

Click in for these delicious recipes and be sure to tell me your favorites! 

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So this recipe is a chicken casserole - but you could easily toss in some of that leftover turkey. I think it's overtaken my Mom's Peach Cobbler as the #1 recipe on my site! 

I'm all about my air fryer and this recipe is killing it! The Chicken Casserole is veggie-less so it's good to make these up quick and serve on the side. Yum!


Ham & Cheese Bowties
I made my own mac & cheese and tossed in some ham - boom! It's so creamy and cheesy - love it! 


I'm actually making this recipe this morning on Fox 19 at 950am but mixing it up a bit and using Thomas' King Size English Muffins in celebration of National English Muffin Day! It's so good - melty, cheesy, meaty, juicy - all in one!!

Let's change it up a bit with fried rice! It's a simple recipe made even easier with Minute Rice. 


This recipe is from a few years back but it's so good - serve it over biscuits and you've got a meal!! Yum!

I put mushrooms in the stroganoff but let's have more veggies with this Divine Asparagus - it's all in the name!


The weather is looking great so let's have some friends over and enjoy our first back yard party of the spring!  


I truly hope you're still not eating leftover ham by Sunday - but this recipe is just amazing enough - you might want to grab some more at the store. It takes Cheesy Potatoes to an all new level! 

Weekly Meal Plan - leftover ham and leftover turkey #leftoverham #leftoverturkey #mealplan

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