What Can I Make For Dinner? Springtime Healthy Meals!

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

Now that we're all in for Spring - I want to eat veggies and healthy meals! But I also want an indulgence here and there - so I hope you enjoy this week's meal plan! There's even an air fryer recipe or two - do you have one yet? 

Click in for these delicious recipes and be sure to tell me your favorites! 

This week - I had to host a special dinner for some of my blogger friends at a friend's house in Mt Lookout. Shipt came in handy for that because I ordered the extras I needed and had them delivered to his house! No last minute shopping for either of us! You can sign up for Shipt here and get two weeks free!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! 

Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you make something from my meal plan! Tag me @foodhussy!


This pizza is my start-of-the-week indulgence! If you've never tried tartar sauce on a pizza - you have no idea what you're missing! This pizza is ADDICTIVE!!! 


Grilled Cheese Salad
I love a big salad full of veggies - and a lot of people put cheese on a salad - but I feel like it gets lost and you don't even taste it. But when you take a grilled cheese sandwich and make it into croutons - you get the best of all of it! Toasty bread & cheese on top!!! Yum!


I love tater tot casserole - just like everybody else - but it's so bad for you! Until now! I did a recipe makeover and you won't believe the results! Plus I think it even tastes better! 

I love my air fryer and use it at least once a week - here's a recipe that my friend Jill shared with me and I love it!!! 


You would be surprised how lean pork tenderloin is! It's as lean as chicken breast - and tastes way better! You'll love this recipe! 

You need veggies with your pork loin and these will NOT disappoint! Crunchy and delicious!


Spring is here - but guess what - chili is always good! This one is super healthy and zero points if you're on Weight Watchers!  


Oh man - I love salmon and I love avocados! This is great because it's super light and delicious and good for you!

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