What Can I Make for Dinner? Veggies Galore!

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

I'm trying to highlight more vegetables and this week I wanted to bring to you some of my favorite dishes that feature the vegetables! There are main dishes and some yummy sides - all with great veggies. 

Click in for these delicious recipes and be sure to tell me your favorites! 

This week - I've got a busy schedule and I'm trying to work out every day as well. That doesn't leave a lot of time for grocery shopping - thankfully I use Shipt! I order the groceries online and they deliver them whenever I want! You can sign up for Shipt here and get two weeks free!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! 

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I love a big salad - but I'm not a fan of croutons. I amped up the crouton game by making a grilled cheese croutons! Yum! 


Keto Garlic Butter Pork Chops
Yes, we've got pork chops here - but the real star are the tomatoes and spinach on top. They add so much flavor and juiciness - I love it! 


I love the Broth Bowls at Panera so much I wanted to make them myself - there are a lot of veggies in these - and they're very tasty. 

This is my favorite recipe - it's so simple and yet - so damn delicious! You'll love it! (But no veggies!...scroll down)

This recipe is blowing up - two ingredients and it's mouth-watering. Bring cauliflower to life! 


Why go out to eat when you can make Olive Garden at home! Here's their shrimp scampi and their famous salad!

If you've ever been to Olive Garden - you know this salad! It's a perfect accompaniment to any meal!


OK - this is fruit & not a veggie - but it's so good - I had to share it. In the summer - this and a Caprese Salad (scroll down) are pretty much all I eat. 


OMG - this salad - fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella. It's the best. I eat it twice a week in the summer!

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