What to Make For Dinner: Appetizer Fun

What Can I Make for Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

Sometimes my favorite meals are appetizers and side dishes - I mean - just because they're not the main course doesn't mean you can't just eat a few more of them! So here's a week of meals made out of appetizers and side dishes! 

Click in for these delicious recipes and be sure to tell me your favorites! 

I take my dogs for a walk every morning - my favorite thing is I made my grocery list - and headed out with the dogs! I got home and within 30 minutes - my groceries were at the door! You can sign up for Shipt here and get two weeks free!  There's a small annual fee and then you get all orders over $35 delivered free! 

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I'm not kidding - I literally ate this for dinner - it was AMAZING! The BBQ sauce makes it even better! 


Jarlsberg Dip Cheesy Potatoes
These cheesy potatoes are so delicious - I ate them as a meal a few times - but you could also throw some chicken or ham in and call it a day! 


This citrusy bites of delight are so tasty - they're sweet and zingy! You could even serve them over rice for more of a meal.

Garlic, butter, biscuits, cheese and pepperoni - it's like a break apart pizza - and it's delicious! 


Seriously - how can you not love something called Garbage Nachos?! It's perfect for a Friday night movie night with family & friends!!! 

In honor of my favorite show starting back up Friday night - I'm planning on making another batch of my good friend's Love After Lockup Felon Fudge. He's actually no longer behind bars - so I might have to make him some of his fudge to celebrate! Woohoo for Jeff!


I bought the ingredients for this again today - during the summer I eat it at least 2 days a week! So easy - sweet, juicy, cheesy, salty - omg so good!  


I love pasta salad and this is amazing when you Greek it up!

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