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Air Fryer Whole chicken

Air Fryer Whole Chicken

Making a whole chicken in the air fryer is super simple and makes the juiciest, most delicious chicken you'll ever have.
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Prep Time 8 hrs
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 9 hrs
Servings 6



  • Rinse chicken and remove any gizzards/neck inside the bird.
  • Place chicken in a large bowl and add in buttermilk, hot sauce, garlic and salt.
  • Cover and refrigerate a minimum of 4 hours up to overnight. Flip bird half way through marinating.
  • Remove chicken from buttermilk and shake off excess
  • Mix together remaining ingredients
  • Coat 1/2 seasonings on side of bird facing up
  • Place chicken in air fryer breast side down and coat other side with remaining spice mix
  • Air fry at 375 for 30 minutes
  • Flip with tongs (it's not easy if it's a big bird) and check temperature of chicken. Depending on current temp will let you know how much time to add to the chicken.
  • If chicken is in between 100-125 - add 30 minutes, if between 125-140 - add 20 minutes, if between 140-160 - add 10 minutes.
  • When temp is between 160-165, remove chicken from air fryer and set on platter. Let rest for a few minutes while you get the rest of dinner on the table.
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