Gravy Cheese Fries??????

So I've lived in Pleasant Ridge for 2 years now and have always been a little afraid of the big blinking flashing arrow on Montgomery Rd! But last week while on vacation - I finally bit the bullet and ventured into the neighborhood phenom known as Pleasant Ridge Chili!

They're famous for gravy cheese fries - yes GRAVY CHEESE FRIES. Makes me throw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it!

(Update - had the gravy cheese fries - they rock the house!)

Needless to say - I haven't gone so far as to try those - that'll be visit #2.

I did try the chili - got my standard Skyline order - 3 way and a coney and...


They're open until 430am - so how can you go wrong? I can't wait to go for breakfast sometime. And yes - one of these times - I'll even try the GCF! I have to work up to that though...

I'm going to give it a 4 star = Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing! Mainly because it was so cheap and so close to home! I can't wait to go back!

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