It is HELLA hot - what would you like? ICE CREAM!!!!

I love ice cream and right now - it's damn hot! So - I found a great ice cream place to go to! It's the Mt. Washington Creamy Whip! It takes about 15 minutes to get there - but there's just not much in the area of soft serve near Pleasant Ridge!

The Creamy Whip is really adorable with a few tables outside and a "diner" setting inside.

Here's the diner - I don't think they use this area much for serving but it is available for seating...very quaint!

Plus - baked goods!

I had one of these cupcakes and while they aren't the fancy $3 kind you find at some places - these $1 cupcakes tasted hella-good! I got a chocolate and it was moist and delicious!

Here's Larry with his vanilla cone covered in pink sugars. He's a bit embarrassed about having his picture taken with a giant pink ice cream cone!

And here's my "standard" order - chocolate dipped in cherry - DELISH!

And a close up of said giant pink cone...

Why Should You Go? Um - cuz it's awesome! It's a local business - the owner was there every night chatting it up with the regulars. It's delicious and they have yummy baked goods! Take the drive to Mt Washington and eat it up!

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