C = Chung Kiwha Korean BBQ

So my sister and her friends rigged the vote for the letter C - but it's all good. She's my baby sister and I love her so she can do no wrong! So off my friend Lou and I went to Chung Kiwha Korean BBQ in Florence.

You've probably driven by this place - the parking lot is usually empty but it was actually kinda busy this particular Friday evening! Actually - it's so NOT busy that many folks have joked it's a front for the mob! But no - they serve food!

Those are sushi roles we're guessing. Also they do not have a menu - it's about $30 for the buffet and sushi is an add-on. When you go in - they tend to assume you know the routine - if you don't - let the server know and she'll give you the lowdown.

They first bring you this random bowl of brown liquid. No clue what it is...it's not soy sauce. It's sweet-ish and not salty.
They bring you out a container of fired up charcoals and plop them into your table grill. 

The server sent us up to the buffet - there's a bit of a "salad" bar with lots of random cold items. Kimchee, sprout salad, seasoned okra and a few more things.

I tried all of them...wasn't too fond of any of them. I'm a texture person and these all funked me out to be honest.

They also have a plate of California Rolls as a sushi sampling. I tried a couple and they were good for a CR.

There are a lot of different proteins on the buffet. Chicken, pork and beef - some seasoned, some not... Yes - they're raw - you cook them on that table top grill.

Stop for soup if you like too - we didn't - not soup fans. 



Shell-on Shrimp

Grab a plate - pile the protein - grab some veggies (peppers, mushrooms) and head back to your table.

This is the funniest thing ever - I have no idea what happened to my pictures of the cooked food! All I have is this:
I remember it is the short rib and it was hands down our favorite of the beef/pork/chicken proteins. The seafoods were fine but no seasoning so basically it's just plain shrimp or scallops. So yes - ooh and aah over that one cooked piece of meat. Ha!

Quick shot of the sushi bar...
After telling her about the restaurant I asked my sister about the "authenticity" of the BBQ and she sent me a link to this article about Korean's BBQs

And now - these are for my sister and for fun. We were cracking up at the "decor".

Sumo wrestlers and a dainty saucy girl drinking some booze.

Seems a little stereotypical...as it greets you at the door. 

Then - random shots of a "cabin" in summer and winter! 

Sis - have you been to Habiro Hermitage in Mt. Myohyang? Well I have now...(yes - the page ripped from a calendar was that real!)

And hey - why not a quick shot of Times Square?!

Sea Kumgang...not touching that with your...um never mind.

Oh yes another saucy innocent - but she's a drinker!

And some random chubby kid on TV doing karaoke. 

Why Should You Go? Well - it's a once/year kinda place. At $30/person - it's expensive - especially when you're cooking your own food! But there were a lot of Korean's there - which I think is a good call to it's "authenticity". I felt like interviewing some to see why they come and how often. It is fun and would be great for a first date - good ice breaker to cook together.

As far as the alphabet goes - looking forward to Dusmesh and letter E! And thanks again to Cincinnati Bites for telling me about Chung Kiwha!

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