Cincinnati Chili Time! Cincinnati Chili Time!

Hubby and I were taking advantage of one of my last days of unemployment and headed on a drive. We came across the newer Blue Ash Chili in Mason and decided to stop. We'd seen it on Diners Drive Ins & Dives with Guy Fieri and it was on the "wishlist" anyway.

I was hoping to try the "original" first but hey - we drove by and it was lunch time - so here we were!

They really do pimp the Guy visit - this is hanging by the register and he's all over the menu as well and there's a photo strip hanging on the wall. But hey - reruns make the show live on - so exploit the heck out of it! :-)

I think there are a couple of unique things about BAC for a chili parlor - they serve alcohol (we didn't indulge) and have desserts like pie and baklava (again - we didn't indulge)!

Larry got the 6-way that was featured on the show ($5.75) - spaghetti + chili + cheese + beans + onions + batter-fried jalapeno caps! Um delish! I have to say - the bottle caps really spice this sucker up! I made sure to try some of the chili alone and enjoyed that just as much. We quickly decided this was going to be our new chili parlor!

Also - the oyster crackers - can't remember the brand - but they're pre-packaged and I was snarfing them! They're not as dry as the Skyline ones. Yum!
I went the other way for my selection because BAC is also well-known for their double deckers. I ordered the chicken salad + bacon ($6.25). I typically get this at the Silverton Cafe and was expecting something like that. That is NOT what I got. Holy hell - this thing is GARGANTIC (Larry's favorite made-up word). I wondered when I ordered it if it came with fries - thank God I didn't ask and order some. This thing was so huge!!!! I only ate half...and the other half was perfect for dinner tonight! Yum Yum!

The chicken salad is very mayonnaisey - maybe even Miracle Whip. It's sweet and saucy. The bacon is really great - but probably a pound of it. I couldn't even pick this up - I had to eat it with a fork! Pickles were great too.

Why Should You Go? Um - cuz it's local and awesome! This particular spot gets packed during weekday lunch because of Luxotica across the street - so keep that in mind. All in all though - fantastic lunch!

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