$5 Pizza Buffet

The folks at Cici's Pizza contacted me recently to let me know about their everyday price of $4.99 for their salad, pasta and pizza buffet. I have to admit - $5 for a whole buffet of options sounds like a pretty good deal! So Larry and I went to check it out. Cici's did provide us 2 free buffet coupons. 
There are a few Cici's in Cincinnati although it looks like quite a few have closed. We went to the one in Norwood - but they also have locations in Eastgate, Florence, Fairfield and Union Township.

The salad bar isn't huge but it's okay - a few veggies and the standard dressing options. We weren't too hungry so we skipped the salad.

They also have breadsticks, pasta and soup. I tried the chicken noodle soup - it was fine - nothing special but not bad. The pasta looked pretty old (we were there between 12-1pm on a Saturday). The breadsticks were pretty good.

They keep the pizza buffet pretty stocked. Every few minutes they typically set out a new pizza. The ones on the right were interesting. They were almost like a pizza quesadilla with a cheesy sauce inside - pretty good!

This was a spinach alfredo pizza that had just been set out.

The other end has dessert options - brownies, rolls and dessert pizza. Larry tried the rolls and wasn't too excited about them.

There's also a game room for kids to play in. I love the basketball game - I'm shockingly good for completely unathletic female.

I wanted to try a wide variety of items so I sort of picked at different pieces to try lots of things. The quesadilla pizza was probably my favorite on this round. And the middle piece of the pizza slices was a veggie pizza - I liked that a lot as well.

Second time around I tried an alfredo cheesy pizza - of course that was good. The piece on the right is buffalo chicken - it was quite spicy.

Overall - they do put up a good variety of pizza options and there was typically 1-3 that were meat-free. The crust isn't very good. It's kind of doughy and not much flavor. I don't like the chicken topping - it's little cubes of chicken. I did think the veggie and cheesy pizza options were pretty good.

Why Should You Go? It's honestly not a super-fantastic pizza place - it doesn't rival Dewey's in any way. But - for $5 - it's fine. If you're looking for a quick lunch - it's just as good as any fast-food place and it's at least something different than burgers and fries! The games and stuff are good for some kid time as well - it's like a cheap Chuck E. Cheese! I saw a lot of families coming in and out - which totally makes sense. What kid doesn't like pizza.

Have you been? What do you guys think?

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