Product Review: Tupperware Microwave Breakfast Maker

You might ask yourself:

What the heck is this? 

It's a great little microwavable breakfast maker from Tupperware! Local Tupperware rep Alicia Miller provided this little do-hickey for me to try.  

 It's very simple - and not that an omelet is complicated - but here we go! 1. Mix your fixins in a bowl. I chose eggs, milk, cheese and salsa.

  2. Pour into the Breakfast Maker
3. Pop in the microwave!

That's it - out comes an omelet. Now I have to admit - it's not the most appetizing looking omelet - but there's no fat added - so that makes up for it!

It slides right out and onto a couple pieces of toast for my breakfast! It tasted great too. I don't have a lot of time in the morning - I'm always running behind. Typically I buy the breakfast sandwiches in the freezer but that's really silly. From now on - I'm whipping up omelettes!

Thanks to Alicia for letting me try out the breakfast maker! You can also make french toast and even Eggs Cordon Bleu in this thing!

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